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Smurfs 2


Jul 31, 2013

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Dec 03, 2013

MPAA Rating



Raja Gosnell


Neil Patrick Harris
Jayma Mays
Katy Perry
Hank Azaria


2013 Columbia / Sony Pictures Animation

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Still shot from the movie: Smurfs 2.

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The unshakable goodness of Smurfette (voice of Katy Perry) places her in danger when she is kidnapped by the evil Gargamel (voice of Hank Azaria). It turns out the nice Smurf holds the secret the dastardly wizard needs to bring to life his latest creations -- a group of little people called the Naughties.

Content Details

Why Is Smurfs 2 Rated PG?

Smurfs 2 is rated PG for some rude humor and action.

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Here is additional information on sex, violence and profanity in Smurfs 2...

Violence: Characters in this movie are frequently in peril. A male wizard kidnaps a female Smurf and attempts to extract information through hypnosis. Speculation of other forms of interrogation are implied, but not carried out. Male Smurfs often punch or push one another. Scenes display slapstick violence. A Smurf is comically electrocuted in a fuse box. In a post-credit scene a wizard is attacked by his cat. A boy eats peanut oil and has an allergic reaction (not seen). A man is near a fireworks explosion and is shown flying through the air. A car falls on a man. A man’s head gets caught in an electric sunroof.
Sexual Content: Seeing a married couple flirting, Smurfs tell them to “Get a room.” After a naked male human falls into a laundry cart a male Smurf crawls out from under the bedding and makes a remark about seeing things that no one should ever see. A Smurf partially exposes his posterior and makes a remark. Smurfs make remarks about being hit in the “Smurfberries”, meaning sensitive male body parts.
Language: No usual profanities noted, however the Smurf characters use the word “smurf” in a contraction with other words that would form a typical profanity. For example “smurf off”.
Alcohol / Drug Use: None noted.

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This movie is the sequel to The Smurfs. This film features a mix of live-action and animation, just like Enchanted. Little people also populate The Borrowers, The Gnome-Moblie and The Secret World of Arrietty.

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Canadian Movie Ratings

MB G Frightening Scenes.

Canadian Home Video Rating: G

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Details on home video releases of Smurfs 2...

Home Video Notes: Smurfs 2

Release Date: 3 December 2013

Smurfs 2 releases to home video in either a 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack or a Blu-ray Combo Pack. Both packages include the following extras:

- Deleted Scenes

- Daddy’s Little Girl: The Journey of Smurfette – Learn all about Smurfette’s “golden” past as we trace her origins back to Peyo’s stories, and how that in turn inspired the filmmakers as they were putting together this newest Smurf’s tale.  Then, hear from Katy Perry on how she tapped into her inner Smurf to pull off the role in the voiceover booth.

- Animating Azrael – Discover how the filmmakers animated our favorite feline sidekick.

- The Puurrfect Companion: Azreal’s Tail – See how Azrael was created, from the live-action cat to the digital double, and how actor Frank Welker brought the character to life.

- Evolution of the Naughties – Learn how the filmmakers designed the newest additions to The Smurfs, Hackus and Vexy.

- The Naughties! The Tale of Hackus and Vexy – Meet the new characters, Hackus and Vexy, and hear from actors Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove on what it was like to voice the Naughties.

-  Smurfs Mini-Movie “The Legend of Smurfy Hollow”: When Brainy Smurf is favored to win the annual Smurfberry Hunt for the ninth year in a row, Gutsy Smurf sets out to discover how Brainy wins every year. Gutsy’s investigation takes him into spooky Smurfy Hollow – and right into Gargamel’s trap! Can Brainy and Gutsy, with the help of Smurfette, put aside their rivalry before Gargamel captures them, or worse, will they come face-to-face with the legendary ghost, the Headless Horseman?

- Digital HD UltraViolet (Bly-ray combo pack only)

Smurfs 2 is also releasing in a DVD package that features:  Bonus Features Include:

- Deleted Scenes

- Daddy’s Little Girl: The Journey of Smurfette (see description above)

- Animating Azrael (see description above)

- Digital HD UltraViolet copy

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