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The Wolf of Wall Street


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Mar 25, 2014

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Martin Scorsese


Leonardo DiCaprio

P.J. Byrne

Jon Favreau

Matthew McConaughey

Jonah Hill


2013 Paramount Pictures

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Still shot from the movie: The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Release Date: 25 December 2013

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the strong sexual content in this film some readers have been confused about our “review” of this movie. Like most R-rated movies, we did not review The Wolf of Wall Street but instead we provide you with content information through various government and industry ratings agencies. In addition the vast media coverage of this film has repeatedly indicated it contains frequent graphic sex scenes and over 500 sexual expletives. Parents are wise to heed the R-rating on this movie. As you are visiting our site it is highly unlikely you will find this movie in any way appropriate for children or teens.

Because we usually only review G, PG, and PG-13 movies at Parent Previews we did not review this title. For your convenience, we have provided some brief information about the film’s synopsis and content.

Note: It took a few nips and tucks forThe Wolf Street of Wall Street to stay within an R rating. Director Martin Scorsese edited some of the nudity and sex scenes to prevent the film from receiving the more restrictive NC-17 rating from the MPAA.

Synopsis: Who has the charisma to pull off being a stock market genius, enjoying the high life and—even after getting incarcerated for fraud—managing to rise as a public speaker and business consultant? Jordon Belfort. Nicknamed The Wolf of Wall Street, this bio-drama (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) is based on his life and crimes.

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Learn more about the real Jordan Belfort, in his own words and as summarized by the public. This movie is based on Jordan Belfort memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Canadian Movie Ratings

18A Frequent sexually suggestive scenes and coarse language.
AB 18A Sexual Content, Substance Abuse.
MB 18A Nudity, Sexual Content, Substance/Alcohol Abuse, Tobacco Use/Promotion.
ON 18A Coarse Language, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse.
QC 16+ Eroticism

Canadian Home Video Rating: 18A

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The Wolf of Wall Street releases to home video on March 25, 2014.

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Ida says: Dec. 25, 2013

Beware…This is not a movie for children/adolescent, or even for seniors.  The movie rating should be change to X. Mainly about drug, sex, drug sex and drug/sex and corruption.
People were leaving the theater, after a hour. DiCapprio probably will be gaining the Oscar.The movie is trash as the life of this personality.

Happy Mom of 5 says: Jan. 06, 2014

Wow, it’s been years since I walk out of a movie, but I felt like I had to take a shower after sitting through an hour of it.  The content did not change, it was just one disgusting thing after another.  I thought that the story was just setting itself up, but it just never took off. The point is made early on in the movie that those wall street people are into drugs, sex, filth.  But they really beat a dead horse where it became gratuitous and overkill.  There is one scene where DiCaprio treats his employees “well” at the end of a workweek and brings in a band that comes marching through in underwear, a woman is humiliated by letting hair get shaven off for $10K, prostitutes and strippers follow, and an orgy takes place at the workplace.  He smokes cocaine off a woman’s buttcrack, he has a party in which his married business partner sees a beautiful woman and starts masturbating in front of everyone as he stares at her and yells how beautiful she is.  And his wife sees and goes ballistic.  It is just HORRIBLE! It has sophomoric, juvenile sexual antics and drugs that has no redeeming value.  I totally agre with Ida, this is worse than an R for graphic nudity and obscenity.  I was SO DISAPPOINTED because I love Scorsese, I love DiCaprio, but I just felt so uncomfortable watching this movie with my husband because we are two mature adults.  Perhaps this is a young adult movie for adults who like to laugh at juvenile sexual comedy??  Awful.  So disappointed I couldn’t get my money back and deposit it towards an other movie.  Hopefully others learn from my experience!

Julie says: Jan. 07, 2014

Do not go see this movie. The fact that this movie got an R rating rather than an X rating is disturbing. I was so uncomfortable watching it with my husband, 4 grown children and daughter-in-law that I had to leave the theater. I regret not getting a refund. While many online reviewers are touting the number of f-bombs used, that is just the tip of the ice burg. Full frontal male masturbating nudity, degradation of women, extreme drug and alcohol abuse, adultery, scam artistry. My family stayed and said it never got better. The characters never showed remorse, their was no redemption. I saw no humor in it at all. Just a sad, sickening view of how one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

DJG says: Jan. 08, 2014

Usually, the first 10 minutes of a movie can be very dramatic to try to pull the audience in.  I gave this movie 15 minutes and the pornography and swearing was not ending.  Every other word was the ‘F’ word.  I left the theatre after 15 minutes.  Two others that stayed behind to finish watching the movie said it just got worse!!  This was not entertainment in any form!!  I was kicking myself for not watching the trailer prior to going to the movie.  I was lured by the cast of actors.  When I got home I did pull up the trailer, but it did not have one swear word in it or a sex scene.  I sure learned a lesson! says: Jan. 10, 2014

Yes agreed, Parents forgive me for my use of words because there is no other clarity as to why i walked out one hour into the picture. This movie has every line filled with more than just an F-word, very graphic words and visuals, in cars, in closets, on desks, Matthew Mconaghy gave a 10 minute scene on how the job requires masturbation and how good you are at it. Every line was BJ and MF and CS, asking and offering. I stayed hoping it would change, NOT one moment changed during all 60 minutes until i walked out where this movie was not a constant fuck-flick showing 3-ways being watched in an office and at least 100 full female frontal nudities within that hour. Is their excuse perhaps they used a fake rubber floppy for the one man they showed jacking? I said that out loud as i left the theatre. BOLD here over things i hate that Hollywood tries to pull. Sadly if you go out to a dance club, everyone under 35 or 30 thinks these movies are exactly what everybody does in 2014. Reminds me of stupid women and stupid daughters in the city Sodom when it exploded… they all died doing nothing about all their men. says: Jan. 10, 2014

Hey Happy mom of 5.  He was smoking the cocaine, he was putting the straw in the bottle to fill it with cocaine, and then putting the straw either in her behind or in her vagina to blow the cocaine into her inside her. When i was 17 in high school our newspaper in 1974 said pimps kidnap your daughters and then addict them to sex by raping them with cocaine on their Pns. I call it Bobby-Keeps-A-Wife syndrome, until she drowns in a bathtub. I have gone to see every Leo movie since Titanic and will never go see one again, not his next, nor ever, because i wont risk my trust. says: Jan. 10, 2014

typo WASNT smoking it. (this site should get edit capable)

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