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Veggie Tales: A Snoodle’s Tale

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Phil Vischer

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Still shot from the movie: Veggie Tales: A Snoodle’s Tale.

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"If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile..." then you are probably a Veggie Tales fan. Continuing in their traditional style, the computer animated produce dishes up some sage advice... a la Christian values.

On the menu this time is self worth. Larry the Cucumber (Mike Nawrocki) begins the lesson, strongly influenced by a recent three-month stint at Over Done British Literary Adaptations Camp. His parody entitled Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly centers on an unidentifiable vegetable sprouting an Afro and a white leisure suit. Every evening the disco dude shows off his fancy footwork in the back alley, then disappears into the home of mild mannered Dr. Jiggle. But when the good doctor's friends ask who the stranger is, the squash with the portly girth replies enviously: "You gotta love a guy who can dance like that -- don't you?"

Next, Bob the Tomato (Phil Vischer), suffering from a confessed case of Over Used Literary Emulation, shares a Seuss-like story about a Snoodle. (It also bears a striking resemblance to the children's picture book You Are Special by Max Lucado, with illustrations by Sergio Martinez.) New to the world, a tiny blue Snoodle finds his fledgling attempts to discover his talents are quickly painted by the deprecating brush of the older, more jaded members of his community. Running away to the highest peak on the horizon, the little creature meets his maker and sees an entirely different picture of his potential.

As with other videos in this franchise, Veggie Tales: A Snoodle's Tale presents a Silly Song. My Sports Utility Vehicle pokes fun at the four-wheel-driving fantasies of suburbanite America -- a theme more likely to be humorous for adults than young children. (In the DVD's Extras, song creator Mike Nawrocki admits to almost getting stuck while enthusiastically"test driving" his SUV on a camping excursion.)

Another bonus feature bundled in this package is Fibber-o-loo, the Veggie-ized version of the Bible's Good Samaritan. Here a pot-wearing asparagus and a boot-toting cucumber learn to overlook their differences and show neighborly kindness.

Like Aesop's fables, Veggie Tales make no attempt to be subtle when imparting the moral of the story. In this case, the message about the self-acceptance that can be found "when you know that God made you special" is sure to be appreciated by those with similar beliefs.

Discussion Ideas After The Movie

Teaching ideas and topics to discuss about Veggie Tales: A Snoodle’s Tale.

Why do the opinions of others sometimes sway the way we see ourselves? How can this affect our willingness to try new things? What can you do to better appreciate your uniqueness and self worth?

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