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Dec 03, 2012

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Edward Asner

Jordan Nagai

John Ratzenberger


2009 DIsney / Pixar

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Still shot from the movie: Up.

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Overall A
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Making the Grades

When a studio is as consistently successful as Pixar has been, audiences almost hold their breath in anticipation of a misstep. Thankfully, we can all inhale deeply. Honored as the first animation and first 3D film to open the Cannes Film Festival, Up celebrates the elderly in much the same way The Incredibles validates those who are experiencing middle age.

Still, despite the company’s track record for family friendly fare, don’t expect this film to be suitable for all ages. Several intense scenes, including one in which a man sustains a bloody injury after being hit over the head with a cane and the portrayal of a house fire, are likely too frightening for young or sensitive viewers.

The aging hero of the story is Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Edward Asner). Despite some disappointments through the years, he has lived a full and satisfying life. But the 78-year-old man still has one childhood goal to achieve—a promise he made to himself and his friend Ellie (voiced by Elie Doctor). With his house now surrounded by ever encroaching urban development, Carl uses hundreds of colorful, helium-filled balloons to lift both him and his home out of the city and propel them off on a quest to visit an exotic, foreign location.

However, while hovering high above the countryside, Carl discovers a stowaway on his front porch. Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai) is an earnest but woefully inexperienced Wilderness Explorer who was hunting for snipes under the house when the building became airborne. Pleading to be let in, Russell joins the ill-humored old man on his high-flying voyage.

As with life, the fun of this film is all about the journey rather that arriving at the destination. Meeting up with a mutt named Dug (voiced by Bob Peterson) who can literally speak and a richly plumaged bird named Kevin, Carl and Russell also tangle with three imposing canines, Alpha (also voiced by Bob Peterson), Beta (voiced by Delroy Lindo) and Gamma (voiced by Jerome Ranft).

Pixar’s attention to the most miniscule of details, like dust particles wafting through an abandoned house and the thickening stubble on an old man’s face, give visual depth and reality to this 3D experience. Meanwhile, a strong storyline that is equally funny, tender, poignant and hopeful propels Up far beyond the realms of a mere children’s cartoon. The jokes are based not so much on slapstick as they are the funny realities of life, like those experienced by any parent and child on a long road trip.

Marrying fantastical premises with charming, believable characters, this aerostat adventure is a definite thumbs Up experience for everyone from older children to senior citizens.

Discussion Ideas After The Movie

Teaching ideas and topics to discuss about Up.

What does Carl have to get rid of in order to be the hero in this film? How can possessions, past grievances or other issues keep people from progressing or fully enjoying life? What positive things come out of his relationship with Russell?

To get the eager Wilderness Explorer to quit bothering him, Carl sends Russell on a snipe hunt. For anyone who hasn’t gone to camp or experienced this activity, you can learn more at this Wikipedia article.

Having lost our family pet in the recent past, I wonder what our dog would have said if he had been given a voice. Would you want to be able to have your pet "speak" or is it better to have the benefit of a more silent companion?

Canadian Movie Ratings

G Violence.
ON PG Frightening Scenes

Canadian Home Video Rating: PG

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Details on home video releases of Up...

Home Video Notes: Up (3D)

Release Date: 4 December 2012

Disney Studios re-releases Up to home video in a 3D version. The 5 Disc package includes a Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy of the movie.

Release Date: 10 November 2009

Up soars onto DVD in an anamorphic (enhanced for widescreen TVs) presentation, with audio tracks in Dolby Digital 5.1 (English, Spanish and French). Other bonus materials include:

- Commentary by director Pete Docter and co-director Bob Peterson.

- Short Films: Dug’s Special Mission and Partly Cloudy.

- Alternate endings: The Many Endings of Muntz

- Documentary: Adventure is Out There

Up: 2-Disc Deluxe Edition DVD and Digital Copy offers all of the extra features of the DVD version of Up, plus a digital copy of the movie.

Up on Blu-ray, with a DVD and Digital Copy is presented in widescreen (in1080p HD resolution), with audio tracks in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (English). Bonus materials include:

- Commentary by director Pete Docter and co-director Bob Peterson.

- Short Films: Dug’s Special Mission and Partly Cloudy.

- Alternate endings: The Many Endings of Muntz

- Documentary: Adventure is Out There

- Cine-Explore (concept art, clips and documentary coverage that illustrates the directors’ commentary).

- Character Studies: Geriatric Hero, Canine Companions, Russell: Wilderness Explorer, Our Giant Flightless Friend, Kevin, Homemakers of Pixar .

- Featurettes: Balloons and Flight, Composing for Characters and Married Life.

- Game: Global Guardian Badge Game (a geography game enhanced by BD-Live).

- DVD copy of Up.

- Digital Copy of Up.

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Ray R says: May. 30, 2009

I saw it yesterday and I think it’ll be one of the best movies for 2009. Funny, wholesome fun for the whole family. Important life lessons shown like loyalty, frienship, trust and also to always move forward with life no matter what happens. A homerun movie.

The Freundlichs says: Jun. 01, 2009

This movie was highly inappropriate for children and was completely misrepresented in the promos and press.  “The funniest movie of the summer” and “Some peril and action” are absurd characterizations of this movie.

My review is too long for this site, so I have posted it on a blog at:

h kolthoff says: Jun. 03, 2009

In response to Freundlichs:

If you look hard enough you can find bad in anything.  I’m fussy about the movies that my children watch (which is why I come to this site)and UP is a wonderful movie. Up is filled with lessons that all of us need to learn and character qualities that you don’t see enough of in this day.
I will be honest my youngest (8) cried twice—-both times about the loss of the house (the fire and when he let it go for good) and I used it to teach her a lesson about how the old man finally figured out that people are more important than possessions. 
While I didn’t love the part about Russells dad not showing up to the scout awards I found it very realistic, since we are going through the same thing at my house right now.  Life isn’t a big fairy tale but you make it the best that you can. 
Essentially you didn’t like the movie because it’s too realistic and not a fairy tale. We girls, at my house thought it was: sad, yes. Touching, definately! and Funny—we laughed our socks off.

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