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Millionaire George Wade (Hugh Grant) may have the Big Apple by the stem, but he doesn't have the confidence to say or do anything without first consulting with his Chief Counsel from his own Wade Corporation. When that position is vacated, George is desperate to find a replacement. Then he happens to meet Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), a Harvard lawyer who specializes in pro-bono work and throwing herself in front of wrecking balls. George convinces the generous attorney to become his new right-hand girl by granting her the power to decide which charities will be the recipients of Wade Corp's regular donations

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But that privilege comes with a high price. Lucy discovers her new job includes being on call 24/7 so her boss can "consult" on pressing issues - like what to say to a girl he just met at the bar. Or ringing her cell phone during a friend's wedding because he needs help selecting a tie. An ulcer and five years later, the frustrated employee finally calls it quits. When George receives her two-weeks notice, he begins to recognize his feelings for Lucy go beyond her handy abilities. With a well-established philandering reputation, the wealthy bachelor must somehow change his ways if he hopes to reach his assistant's cynical heart.

With Grant playing his best "Hugh Grant" and Bullock reverting to her clumsy girl-next-door persona, these two are comfortable in "opposites attract" roles that appear to have been written for them.

Two Weeeks Notice won't score big points for its groundbreaking storyline, but finding a recommendable romantic-comedy may be a cinematic achievement in itself. As well, Grant's character comes to the realization that his corporation's actions are having an affect on people's lives. This positive character development is tarnished only by a couple of sexual discussions and a short scene of a woman wearing a bra. Otherwise, this is a feel-good film that deserves to be noticed.

Starring Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock. Updated

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Two Weeks Notice Parents Guide

The two main characters in this movie are extreme examples of stereotyped personalities. How do the writers of this film use their opposite traits to generate humor and an interesting story? Why do you think people with opposite interests are attracted to each other?