Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga parents guide

Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Parent Review

Overall C

Fans of the Twilight Saga can now get all of the movies in the franchise in one box set. Providing hours and hours of film viewing, no wonder it is called Twilight Forever.

Violence C
Sexual Content C+
Profanity B
Substance Use B-

Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga is rated PG-13

Movie Review

The Twilight franchise releases in one box set, Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga. This 10-disc compilation is available in either Blu-ray or DVD. Both formats come with the following:

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- Double-Sided Box

- Commemorative Photo Album

Disc 1: Twilight feature film (plus extended scenes and music videos)

Disc 2: Twilight special features:

- Deleted scenes,

- The Adventure Begins: the journey from page to screen

- 7-part documentary

- ComiCon featurette

- Cast Interviews

- Premiere red carpet footage

- Music featurettes

- A conversation with author Stephenie Meyer and more

Disc 3: The Twilight Saga- New Moon feature film

Disc 4: New Moon special features:

- Deleted scenes

- 6-part documentary-

- Music videos

- Featurettes

- Extended scenes

- Extended interviews and more

Disc 5: Twilight Saga: Eclipse feature film

- Special features

- Deleted scenes

- Extended scenes

- Extended interviews

- 6-part documentary

- Music videos

- Photo galleries and more

Disc 6:Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 feature film (theatrical and extended editions)

Disc 7: Breaking Dawn Part 1 special features

- Love, death, birth

- 6-part documentary

- Featurettes

- Music videos and more

Disc 8: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 feature film

Disc 9: Breaking Dawn Part 2 special features

- Forever

- 7-part documentary

- Featurette

- Red carpet footage

- Music video and more

Disc 10: All-New special features

- Cast retrospective with new interviews

- Previously unreleased behind the scenes moments with the cast

- A look at the twilight fan-omenon

- Highlights of Edward and Jacob’s stories in the saga

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, David Slade, Chris Weitz, Bill Condon. Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner. Updated

Get details on profanity, sex and violence in Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga here.

Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Parents Guide

What do you think accounts for the popularity of the twilight movies?

How do the books and the movies compare?

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