Picture from To Sir With Love
Overall A

Determined to better the lives of his students, a temporary teacher (Sidney Poitier) earns their respect while fighting to give them new opportunities for learning.

Violence B+
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B-
Substance Use C+

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

To Sir With Love

In the 1967 film, To Sir With Love, Mark Thackery (Sidney Poitier) is an unemployed engineer who resorts to taking a public school teaching position as a temporary financial solution while he continues to search for a job in his field. But the refined and cool-headed gentleman isn't prepared for the rowdy group of dirty delinquents he meets on his first day of class. For many of these teenagers, school is just a break from the daily challenge of eking out life on the mean streets of London. Cocky, foul-mouthed, and uncontrollable, they are bent on disposing of this new teacher as quickly as they did the last one. A lot of head butting goes on until Thackery tries a novel approach to educating his students about life in the real world.

Demanding common courtesy and respect among his pupils is only the first step. His battles also extend beyond the classroom to the narrow-minded school administrators, and fighting against the inbred social ideas that hold his students in a dead-end mindset. Facing numerous racial slurs and backhanded comments by disgruntled fellow teachers and misguided parents, the cultured and world-traveled educator's most valuable teaching tool is his personal example of someone who has risen above social stereotypes. While everyone does not respond to his efforts, Thackery remains vigilant in his attempts to make positive changes.

Having recently returned from a performing tour with a group of musical elementary students, I observed firsthand the untiring efforts of my son's music director and gained a greater appreciation for teachers-- the unsung heroes of childhood. To Sir With Love is a touching tribute to those exceptional educators who enlighten, encourage and open the eyes of their students, by going above and beyond the mark.

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