Picture from The Time Machine (1960)
Overall B+

In the adaptation of H.G. Wells' famous novel, an eccentric inventor explores the future in his time machine. A cannibalistic society and some very brief fighting scenes are the only content concerns for this fun yet thought provoking science fiction classic.

Violence B-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A-
Substance Use B

MPAA Rating: G

The Time Machine (1960)

Escape from the present.

Many a partygoer has passed a tedious and boring New Years Eve, while waiting for what seems like eons before they may finally go home. However, in the movie adaptation of H. G. Wells' The Time Machine, eccentric inventor George (Rod Taylor) entertains his pragmatic guests with a glimpse of the seemingly impossible. Opening a small velvet lined box, the host reveals a model of his latest invention; a miniature sleigh (minus eight tiny reindeer) that he successfully launches into the future. The intrigued visitors, perplexed by the concept of time travel, turn to a lively deliberation of its possible commercial uses. Only his best friend Filby (Alan Young) becomes suspicious his troubled chum has found an escape from his unsatisfactory life.

The Time Machine (1960) - Official site When the company leaves, George does some fine-tuning on his full-scale contraption and quietly slips behind the driver's seat. Perched comfortably with a great view from his laboratory window, the scientist turned adventurer slowly propels himself forward in time. Optimistic to see the accomplishments of mankind, his heart breaks as he observes war after war envelop the land. Increasing his acceleration rate, George eventually skids to a halt after 800,000 years. Eager to meet the inhabitants of what appears to be a peaceful paradise, he encounters the naive and simple Eloi people who are living off the fat of the land. Befriending Weena (Yvette Mimieux), George squeezes in a bit of romance while researching the many paradoxes of this puzzling culture. But Utopia turns into terror when he discovers the real movers and shakers of this society are cannibalistic, cave dwelling Morlocks. It's a race against (dare I say) time to avoid becoming an entree on a subterranean menu!

The Time Machine (1960) - Official siteCan man control his own destiny? Can he change the shape of things to come? Will humanity ever overcome its self-destructive nature and obsession with war and greed? This 1960's Academy Award winning sci-fi thriller entertains as well as asks some thought provoking questions, which are sure to spark at least a few family debates or enliven any festive occasion.