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Super Buddies Parent Review

Overall B

After Budderball, Rosebud, Mudbud, Buddha and B-Dawg, (voiced by Jeremy Shinder, G. Hannelius, Ty Panitz, Tenzing Trainor, and Cooper Roth) accidentally dig up an alien secret, the pups are mysteriously gifted with super powers.

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Super Buddies is rated G

Movie Review

In this continuation of the franchise that began with the 1997 release of the film Air Bud, the five offspring of the sports playing golden retriever Buddy, are about to embark on another adventure. This time, it’s Budderball (voiced by Jeremy Shinder), the most portly of the puppies, who gets the ball rolling. During a treasure hunt at his home on Fernfield Farm, the curious canine and his siblings Rosebud, Mudbud, Buddha and B-Dawg, (voiced by G. Hannelius, Ty Panitz, Tenzing Trainor, and Cooper Roth) unwittingly discover something unusual under the barn floorboards. The five colourful glowing rings seem like little more than fancy dog collars until the puppies try them on. Then mysteriously, each acquires an amazing super power.

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Fortunately, Budderball’s owner Bartleby Livingstone (Trey Loney,) an aspiring artist and avid comic book reader, provides an explanation. The rings look suspiciously like the illustrations in his favourite comic, The Adventures of Kid Courageous and Captain Canine. According to the graphic novel, the hoops were crafted by an alien race and hidden on planet earth to protect them from a villainous enemy. What’s more, rumour has it that the author of the popular books may have based the story on actual events.

Although the pups find it hard to believe that the fanciful storyline could be anything but fiction, they adopt the heroic Captain Canine as their inspiration and set about using their newfound powers to protect their hometown. The resulting mischief, which leaves a police car badly damaged and a candy store reduced to a sticky mess, makes it obvious that while their intentions are good, these furry youngsters don’t know much about being heroes. And when the villain from the comic book manifests himself and threatens to destroy the planet, it’s up to the real Captain Canine (voice of Colin Hanks), to weld them into the crime fighting force they need to be.

Like the multitude of Buddy films preceding it, this one suffers from a flimsy plot that is stretched to movie length by tedious gags and silly antics. Expect plenty of slapstick humour and some name calling. It also leaves the heroics in the hands of the five puppies and their young owners, while incompetent adults only grace the screen for comic relief. But despite its faults and lack of parental appeal, the message of hard work and cooperation, along with the reminder that even ordinary people can do extraordinary things, does offer youngsters something super to chew on.

Directed by Robert Vince. Starring John Ratzenberger, Michael Teigen, Jason Earles, eremy Shinder, G. Hannelius, Ty Panitz, Tenzing Trainor, Cooper Roth . Running time: 81 minutes. Updated

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Super Buddies Parents Guide

The buddies learn that you don’t have to have super powers to be super, you only need to be willing to help the people around you. In what ways can we be super heroes in our homes, schools and communities?

When the buddies begin working as a team, they discover each of their talents can benefit all of them. What gifts do you have? How can these talents help others around you?