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Stuart Little 2 continues the adventures of a tiny mouse adopted from a city orphanage by Mr. and Mrs. Little (Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis). Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox) now plays on a peewee soccer team, shares a room with his big brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki), attends school and loves to skateboard. Even the family pet, Snowbell (voiced by Nathan Lane) has come to accept the little mouse as more than a quick lunch option. George, however, has started hanging out with kids his size, leaving Stuart desiring to find a friend of his own.

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The problem appears to solve itself when Stuart unexpectedly meets Margalo (voiced by Melanie Griffith), an injured bird running from a predatory falcon (voiced by James Woods). Taking the free-spirited waif home with him, he introduces her to his nearly too perfect parents and offers her a place to stay. But the love-smitten mouse starts to worry when Margalo suddenly disappears. Enlisting the help of the coddled family cat, Stuart leaves George behind to cover their tracks and hurries out to find the missing canary.

After their string of lies are exposed, George finally 'fesses up to his miniature brother's plans and sends the whole family tearing through the streets of New York in a Yellow Cab franticly hunting for Stuart. In the end, the worried mother is so glad to find her little mouse son that neither one of the boys are reprimanded for lying to their parents or running away in the big city.

Stuart Little 2 features incredible computer animation that makes these little critters remarkably believable. This realism may make some chase scenes and life threatening moments a little too scary for the younger crowd. Brief name-calling, scatological humor and some mild stereotypical characters are also included.

The distinction between animals as family members and animals as pets still blurs in this follow-up film that provides more questions than answers to the intricacies of interspecies communication. Acting as the intermediary who can talk to everyone, this little mouse sets out to prove heroes can come in all sizes.

Starring Michael J. Fox, Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki. Theatrical release July 18, 2002. Updated

Stuart Little 2 Parents Guide

George is reluctant to tell his parents the truth about Stuart because of a brother-to-brother promise. When is it okay to break a promise? Why is it important not to keep secrets from your parents?

Falcon uses his power and intimidation to make Margalo assist him in his criminal activities. What made the little bird so vulnerable? What helped her to see that she was being used? How can parents help their own children avoid this type of unhealthy relationship?