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The Strongest Man in the World Parent Review

Overall B+

In order to save Medfield College, student Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) attempts to win a weight-lifting contest. But first the scrawny science student must eat a miraculous breakfast cereal additive to make him The Strongest Man in the World.

Violence B-
Sexual Content A
Profanity A-
Substance Use B

The Strongest Man in the World is rated G

Movie Review

College students engage in all kinds of competitions, but rarely do you see the science department taking on serious athletic contests. Luckily for Dean Higgins (Joe Flynn), who is about to be fired for financial mismanagement at Medfield College, Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) and his friend Richard Schuyler (Michael McGreevey) have stumbled upon a concoction that turns regular breakfast cereal into a breakfast for champions.

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Hungry for money to keep the college solvent, Dean Higgins is thrilled with the discovery—though he hates to admit that to Dexter, his least favorite undergrad. With the students’ permission, Dean Higgins takes the cereal to a local breakfast foods company with a proposal. He suggests a weight lifting match between Medfield College, who would be sponsored by Crumply Crunch cereal, and State College who already receives funds from the Krinkle Krunch company. Winner takes all.

On the day of the televised tournament, the scrawny science scholars find themselves pitted against a group of bulky weightlifters that appear to spend more time bench pressing than browsing books. To make sure his company wins the president of Krinkle Krunch (Phil Silvers) has hired A.J. Arno (Cesar Romero), the local crook, to find out what is behind the strength-enhancing food. However when it comes time to hoist some barbells, the milk-soaked flakes don’t seem to be working. Only then does Dexter realize what the missing ingredient is. He races back to the lab just in time to stop Arno and his goons from making off with the secret item.

The setup is the kind of wildly exaggerated scenario Disney movies engineered during the 1960s and 70s when actors like Kirk Russell, Joe Flynn and William Schallert made repeat appearances for the studio. Although there’s nothing realistic about the plot, this film still offers plenty of family friendly entertainment for older children—especially those who might more willing eat breakfast if they believe it could make them The Strongest Man in the World.

Directed by Vincent McEveety. Starring Kurt Russell, Joe Flynn, Eve Arden . Running time: 92 minutes. Theatrical release February 6, 1975. Updated

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The Strongest Man in the World Parents Guide

Dexter’s discovery occurs thanks to an unintended event. What other examples are there of scientific discoveries resulting from a fluke?

What do companies do to their products, like breakfast cereals, to distinguish them from other competitors?