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Still shot from the movie: Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi

In the last episode of the original Star Wars trilogy, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and his friends(Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer) gain control of a forest moon to help the Rebel Alliance overthrow the Galactic Empire. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B+ --
Violence: C
Sexual Content: A-
Language: A
Drugs/Alcohol: B
Theater Release: 24 May 1983
Video Release: 11 Sep 2006
MPAA Rating: PG
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What is about four feet tall, fuzzy, has big adorable eyes and can take out a squadron of storm troopers with only sticks and stones? An Ewok, of course. Introduced in this, the final instalment of the original Star Wars trilogy, these hairy forest creatures join in the rebel fray against the evil galactic empire.

In Return of the Jedi, the saga comes full circle as Luke returns to Tatooine, his home planet, to rescue buddy Han from the rubbery clutches of Jabba the Hut. Not your average pea-brained mega-slug; this villain is slippery enough to resist the influence of the Force and soon turns the tables on Luke, Leia, Landau and Chewie. After narrowly escaping becoming the main course, the young Jedi knight and his friends rejoin the Rebellion.

Meanwhile, Imperial upper management (Darth Vader and the evil Emperor of the dark side of the Force), are busily inspecting the construction process of a new and more deadly armored space station. This occasion affords the perfect strategic moment for the heroes to attack their foes.

Still, the job isn't going to be easy as it appears. Not only do they need to destroy a heavily guarded generator that shields the orbiting Death Star, but Luke must also confront his father. Both obstacles offer plenty of excuses for battles -- and a chance for the Ewoks to get in on the action.

Although a few of the fur-balls meet their demise, their cutesy presence almost "did in" the whole film. Fortunately for George Lucas, fans that anxiously waited six years for the conclusion of the epic lined up in droves anyway.

When Return of the Jedi re-released in 1997, filmmakers advantageously took the opportunity to add some new special effects, a musical number in Jabba's palace, and a more fitting ending sequence. The improvements made the first series (episodes IV, V, and VI), more compatible with plans for its counterparts (episodes I, II, and III). With each film as successful as the last, it's no wonder there are rumours about episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi is rated PG:

Director: George Lucas
Cast: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer
Studio: 1983 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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