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Overall B+

Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato (of Veggie Tale fame) take on the parts of aspiring playwrights hoping to change the heart of London by creating a sentimental musical. But ambition overcomes common sense when a local parish's pageant shows every indication of upstaging them. A reminder of the real reason for Christmas emerges amidst the silly antics.

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

The Star of Christmas is rated Not Rated

Movie Review

Showing their true Christmas colors, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber (a.k.a. Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki) assume the role of aspiring playwrights Cavis (Bob) Appythart and Millward (Larry) Phelps in Veggie Tales: The Star of Christmas.

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Tired of earning their living writing jingles for dental wax, the floss advocates decide to make a musical so impressive, it will teach all of London how to love. Pulling strings to get the use of Millward's uncle's theater, the two begin production on The Princess and the Plumber by securing a leading lady and the opening night attendance of the Prince. (The royal figure is a well-respected critic whose nod of approval will insure a successful run.)

All is going according to plan until Cavis stumbles across another performance also debuting on Christmas Eve. The local parish's pageant plans don't appear to be much competition at first, but the announcement of the inclusion of the Star of Christmas, a rarely displayed artifact, alters that quickly. Now all the "important people" will follow the star - including the Prince.

Horrified by the calamitous turn of events, the desperate duo try everything from adding more lights and glitz, to succumbing to devious devices in order to insure the show will go on. Blinded by ambition, the pair of vegetables quickly lose sight of their original worthy goal. And the only way for them to get a proper prospective of the big picture may be a tiny baby.

Riding the wave of Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie (their first theatrical release earlier this year), The Star of Christmas meets the usual expectations of Big Idea Production's direct-to-video products. The animation isn't as polished as in Jonah, and the storyline seems a bit stretched compared to the tight witty writing found within their earlier shorter projects which are based on Bible stories.

Yet needless to say, the company continues to hold hard to its motto of serving up "Sunday morning values "with "Saturday morning fun". With a little preaching from Junior Asparagus (Lisa Vischer), viewers are reminded who The Star of Christmas really is.

Running time: 45 minutes. Updated

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The Star of Christmas Parents Guide

What kind of logic did Cavis use to validate his desperate decision? Have you ever been guilty of such rationalization? Do the ends ever justify the means?