The Silver Stallion: King Of The Wild Brumbies parents guide

The Silver Stallion: King Of The Wild Brumbies Parent Review

Movie Review

If you liked The Man From Snowy River, you can almost be assured of enjoying The Silver Stallion, another Australian movie that whinnies it's way into your heart. It's a dark and stormy night, a good way to open a movie that's been done before, and the daughter of a writer listens intently as her mom starts spinning the yarn of Thowra, the Silver Stallion.

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The rest of the movie cuts between short scenes of the mother and daughter and longer, much longer, scenes of horses. Lots of horses. The tale tells of a man who wants to capture Thowra, and spends the next few years intent on doing so. Many moments are spent as "the man" awaits the precise moment to capture his prize, yet he is always just short of the mark.

What you have here is the classic horse tale. There are no surprises, the plot goes around and around like a racetrack, and the story is overly sentimental. But if you have kids that love horses, or if you enjoy them, this movie will provide some sound entertainment for an evening.

There are a couple of sad moments in the movie, but nothing that should pose a problem to even the youngest audience members. The ending is a mixture of happy and sad, but again, is handled in a way that should leave everyone satisfied and content.

This film does offer a good outlet for an imaginative child, and poses an opportunity for parents to challenge older children to write their own version of a story. Then find a video camera and the kids with their friends can bring the story to life, just like the girl in the movie. It's a great summer activity that shows kids how they can get into the pictures.


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