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Out Cold (2001) - Official siteOut Cold may be billed as the perfect panacea for avid snowboarders awaiting a weekend getaway but producers must've done some fancy carving to get this movie a PG-13 rating. By only the skimpiest margins (which also describes the attire worn in this film by former Playboy Bunny, Victoria Silvstedt), under-aged boarders can now get in on the action at Bull Mountain.

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Out Cold (2001) - Official site Rick (Jason London) and his carefree buddies (Flex Alexander, Zach Galifianakis, Derek Hamilton) are employees at the Alaskan ski hill where a statue of the resort's founding father, Papa Muntz, stands in the village square (exposing his bare bronzed buttocks). While most of their time is spent boozing and boarding, they are anxious for some sexual diversions. But girls are a rarity in this frozen outback until the resort's owner (Willie Garson) starts negotiating a sale with Colorado business tycoon, Jack Majors (Lee Majors). The arrival of Majors' daughters (Silvstedt and Caroline Dhavernas) causes a stir among the boys especially when one of them turns out to be Rick's former girlfriend.

However, things go awry for the local teen staff members and ski instructor Jenny (A.J. Cook) when the prospective buyer begins a slick, full-scale renovation aimed at bringing in the rich and pampered.

Out Cold (2001) - Official siteWhile Out Cold spotlights some amazing scenes on the pristine powder by real life experts like Rob "Sluggo" Boyce and Rio Tahara, the content pollutes the story line before it even gets off the bunny hill. These boys regularly imbibe in the bar and on the slopes, and dabble in illegal drug use. Another character drinks himself into a nightly stupor. Besides the statue, there are plenty of other naked behinds and minimally covered cleavage throughout the film, including some back and limited side nudity. Numerous uses of crude sexual terms, lewd exchanges in a lesbian chat room, a homosexual confession, and the portrayal of a couple engaged in sex (no nudity shown) will also present concerns.

In the end, even snowboarding enthusiasts will likely give this film the cold shoulder for family entertainment.

Starring Lee Majors. Running time: 90 minutes. Theatrical release November 21, 2001. Updated

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Out Cold Parents Guide

Snowboarding includes some inherent risks as demonstrated in the film’s bloopers. How does the use of drugs or alcohol increase those risks not only to the snowboarder but also to others on the mountain? What are other dangers associated with drinking and boarding?

One character in the film hasn’t mastered the art of snowboarding. How does he compensate for his failures? How do the others help and encourage him? What are ways you can positively help someone who is learning a new skill?