Picture from Now you See Him, Now You Don’t
Overall B

When an accident turns Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) experiment with invisibility into a success, he and his friends Richard Schuyler (Michael McGreevey) and Debbie Dawson (Joyce Menges) use the formula to help save their finically ailing school, Medfield College.

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity A-
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: G

Now you See Him, Now You Don’t

It seems things aren’t going well in the Medfield College financial department. Luckily Dexter Riley (Kurt Russell) and his friends Richard Schuyler (Michael McGreevey) and Debbie Dawson (Joyce Menges) who found a way to make some money in The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes are back in the lab. Dean Higgins (Joe Flynn) might dismiss them as a bunch of below average science students but Dexter thinks he can solve the mystery of invisibility.

To be fair, Dexter probably isn’t as smart as his success warrants. But after a powerful electrical storm sends a shock of electricity into the lab and through Dexter’s experimental equipment, his test trial works and Dexter discovers a liquid that will make things temporarily disappear.

When A.J. Arno (Cesar Romero), a shady businessman, inexplicably takes on the college’s mortgage, Dexter and his friends get suspicious. Spraying themselves down to become invisible, Dexter and Richard sneak into A.J.‘s office and find plans for a new casino to be built on the site of Medfield College. They decide the only way to save the college is to win the cash prize at the upcoming Forsythe Award for science.

Meanwhile, one of A.J.‘s henchmen, disguised as a janitor, observes the boys testing out the secret spray. Recognizing its potential, he steals it and takes it back to his boss’s office. So when the Dexter and his pals try to demonstrate the new discovery at the science competition, they discover their liquid has been replaced with colored water.

These college chums engage in some reckless driving while following a group of bank robbers. They also get up to some pranks using the invisibility spray. However, these actions result in few content concerns for parents. Now You See Him, Now You Don’t, made in Walt Disney’s hey day when the studio cranked out plenty of films starring familiar Disney faces, is full of corny jokes and a predictable outcome. Yet the high jinks these college students engage in are still family friendly.

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