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Lady and the Tramp Parent Review

Overall B+

This Disney classic animation, featuring the puppy love between a cocker spaniel named Lady and a mongrel stray known as Tramp, has delighted audiences (and spaghetti eaters) for half a century!

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Lady and the Tramp is rated G

Movie Review

One snowy Christmas Eve, a cocker spaniel named Lady (voice of Barbara Luddy) burst out of the hatbox she is wrapped in and enters the lives and hearts of Jim Dear (Lee Millar) and Darling (Peggy Lee). Basking in the warmth of the young couple's undivided attention, the pampered pup grows up to assume important duties like fetching the newspaper and greeting her master each day. It's a great life, even when there's a short eclipse of the spotlight because a new baby is about to join the family.

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Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks lives Tramp (Larry Roberts), a mongrel of uncertain pedigree. Sleeping in a rubbish pile and begging for scraps from local restaurant owners, the footloose and fancy free stray is king of the alleyways--as long as he can stay clear of the local impound yard.

Although they come from such different worlds, the canines' orbits are about to collide after a visit from Aunt Sarah (Verna Felton) upsets the balance their universe. Baby-sitting while Jim Dear and Darling are out of town, the over-protective woman is convinced Lady is a threat to the young child--and her pet Siamese cats. When the zealous caregiver decides to muzzle the mutt, the indignant dog bolts and find's herself lost in an alien neighborhood.

The street-savvy Tramp is quick to come to her rescue. Freeing her from the nasty nose cage, saving her from some harassing hounds and treating her to a romantic spaghetti dinner behind his favorite Italian diner, it's no wonder the cocker spaniel soon has stars in her big brown eyes. Yet there are still a few obstacles in the path of their puppy love, like Lady's loyalty to her humans, Aunt Sarah's wrath, and the ever-vigilant dogcatcher.

Delightfully Disney, Lady and the Tramp offers a tail-wagging tale with only a few concerns for the youngest of viewers. These include a few moments of peril on the streets and in the dog pound, the inference that an animal will be put down, and a slightly sensual song by a former showgirl (also voiced by Peggy Lee) smitten by Tramp's sometimes womanizing ways.

Memorable for it's music (how can anyone forget the howling rendition of No Place Like Home?) and beautifully handcrafted, this classic 1955 animation is sure to charm it's way into the hearts and lives of many generations yet to come.

Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske. Starring Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts. Running time: 73 minutes. Theatrical release June 22, 1955. Updated

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Lady and the Tramp Parents Guide

Why does Tramp disdainfully refer to Lady and her friends as being part of the “leash and collar club?” How does he feel about the concept of belonging to someone? How does Lady feel about her ties to home? What do you feel are the pros and cons of freedom and responsibility?

Why does Lady feel unloved when she learns about the coming baby? Have you ever felt threatened by change? What new role does Lady take on with the new addition to the family?

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