Head Over Heels (2001) parents guide

Head Over Heels (2001) Parent Review

Overall D+

Violence C+
Sexual Content D+
Profanity C-
Substance Use B-

Head Over Heels (2001) is rated PG-13 for sexual content, crude humor and language.

Movie Review

Like a gopher on a freeway, Freddie Prinze Jr. looks cute and begs for attention while everyone tries to work around him. Head Over Heels - Official site But Freddie's middle of the road performance as the love interest of an art restorer named Amanda (Monica Potter), is only one of many flaws in this plot disabled picture.

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Needing a new pad after her boyfriend invites another woman into their bed, Amanda bemoans her poor luck with the many men who have cheated on her to her lesbian co-worker, Lisa (China Chow). Despite Lisa's eager invitation to live with her, Amanda decides to check out other possibilities.

Head Over Heels - Official site A posh New York apartment with a closet turned bedroom looks attractive, aside from the four peculiar roommates. These proudly non-smoking super models are anxious to lease their last stitch of space. But what clinches the rental agreement is the view--which peers directly into the apartment of fashion executive, Jim Winston (Prinze). Amanda immediately recognizes her hunky neighbor as the man with the perverted overbearing dog she encountered in the lobby.

If that initial meeting didn't cement Amanda's attention on Jim, endlessly Head Over Heels - Official site watching him entertain guests, talk on the phone, and doing shirtless chin-ups is certain to make her fall head over heels--even without the dog pushing her over. But attraction turns to repulsion when Amanda sees Jim's silhouette clubbing a woman to death. Convincing her model-mates that Jim is a killer, Amanda and the long-legged short-brained runway girls begin their own investigation after the police lose interest.

With Amanda desiring another sexual relationship, while the models pursue sex as an easy way to have drooling men pay for expensive dinners, this movie is full of beautiful people making poor choices with no consequences. Portraying near nudity with hetero- and homosexual banter (including a same gender kiss and fondling), this script also delves into more divergent themes such as bestiality references and scatological "humor."

Sporting far deeper cleavage than story, Head Over Heels will likely Head Over to video in short order. Hopefully the teen audience it's trying to attract won't be hot on its Heels.

Starring Freddie Prinze Jr. Monica Potter. Updated

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Head Over Heels (2001) Parents Guide

The models in this movie are portrayed as absolute zero’s on the IQ scale. Is this stereotypical depiction accurate?

These women often use their “womanly wiles” to get men to spend money on them. What are some of the possible unseen consequences for their decision to manipulate men in this manner?

It seems that a woman who uses a man for sex is often defined in today’s popular music and movies as being empowered. Do you agree with this definition?