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Overall D

Nick (Tom Welling) doesn't know where his girlfriend Elizabeth (Maggie Grace) has been for the last six months, but her return is accompanied by a mysterious mist full of murderous intent. Now it's up to him and his new gal Stevie (Selma Blair) to clear The Fog and stop its wake of horror.

Violence D
Sexual Content C
Profanity C
Substance Use C

The Fog is rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and brief sexuality

Movie Review

Poet Carl Sandburg once described fog as moving on little cat feet and sitting silently on its haunches. Obviously he wasn't writing about the murderous vapor that envelops a tiny coastal town in the remake movie The Fog.

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Nick Castle (Tom Welling) lives on a small Oregon island where he runs a trophy fishing business with his friend Spooner (DeRay Davis). Six months earlier, Nick's girlfriend Elizabeth (Maggie Grace) abruptly left for the mainland without saying a word to him. Since then he has taken up with Stevie Wayne (Selma Blair), the local radio DJ who broadcasts her one-woman show from the top of the town's lighthouse.

One night while driving along a winding back road to meet Stevie, Nick happens upon Elizabeth meandering along the dark, deserted highway. Returning as suddenly as she left, she refuses to give any explanation and instead complains of having disturbing dreams about a shipload of drowning victims. Not knowing about the new woman in Nick's life, she also expects the two of them to take up where they left off physically and invites him into a steamy shower once they get back to his house.

Yet, Elizabeth isn't the only thing haunting the isolated village on Antonio Island. With her arrival, a thick fog moves in, bringing deadly outcomes.

Taking the company boat out on the water for a night of drunken dancing, Spooner and three other partiers begin to sense figures in the mist. Unable to start the engine or call for help, they are submerged in the thick cloud. By the time the air clears in the morning, one of them has a knife in his head and his eyelids stitched shut while two others are mysteriously killed and tossed onto the deck of the inoperative vessel.

Moving inland the fog's mayhem continues, with loud banging sounds signaling something evil is about to happen. Seeping under doors and through vents, the mist turns healthy humans to ash and shatters a pane of glass that impales an inebriated priest.

Using a cache of the most common horror clich0xE9s, the film relies on eerie shadows, jump scenes and an ominous musical score to propel the plot. But even as Nick and the others begin to unravel the town's dark history, the motivation for their actions remains a little hazy.

Moderate amounts of profanities and gruesome depictions of death scenes (including the intentional burning of several people) may keep most families steering clear of this film. However, if that's not enough of a warning to keep you from docking on this dark shore, be prepared for an unsatisfactory conclusion that will leave you feeling like you've missed something significant in The Fog.

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Adrienne Barbeau. Running time: 89 minutes. Theatrical release October 13, 2005. Updated

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The Fog Parents Guide

How did the pact of the town’s founding fathers affect their future generations? What kind of decisions can have a long-term effect on a family’s posterity?

Elizabeth discovers a hallmark on the inside of an antique watch. What is the significance of a hallmark on a product? How does it help authenticate an artifact?