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With some parental input "Flow" can help even the youngest audience members become far more aware of how rare and precious this common commodity has become.

Overall A

Concern for the world's water supply, and the right of all people to access this life sustaining resource are the topics behind the documentary Flow. Pulling in facts and opinions from around the globe, including India, the United States, Bolivia, director Irena Salina sets out to raise awareness of these critical issues.

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Flow is rated Not Rated

Movie Review

"Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink," so says the famous ancient mariner and so may we if we don't heed the lessons provided to us in Flow, a documentary about yet another problem in our world -- maintaining safe water supplies.

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Pulling in facts and opinions from India, the United States, Bolivia and many other locales, this film's director (Irena Salina) does away with the sarcasm and showboating that other moore (ahem) famous documentarians have succumbed to and instead delivers its argument with surgical precision. It states the world is running out of safe, fresh water. Although private industry is ready to step in and fix the problem, it comes at a price most of the globe's populous can't afford.

But it's not all pure doom and gloom. The French director also gives us some hope as she interviews people who have been instrumental in discovering ways to provide sanitized water in remote areas for very little cost. She also reveals some surprising statistics about our addiction to bottled water in North America that may be unsettling. She demonstrates how we could take the dollars spent on this habit and solve the water problems in the rest of the developing world.

Short of some riots where people are being pushed and images of the impoverished (some unclothed) who are desperate for access to the vital liquid, the film has only good things to share with your family members. While it is presented at a level that would best engage teens, with some parental input Flow can help even the youngest audience members become far more aware of how rare and precious this common commodity has become.

Starring Director Irena Salina. Theatrical release September 11, 2008. Updated

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Flow Parents Guide

People may often feel like some problems are simply too big to be solved. What can we do as individuals to try and create change? Is there anything you could do to help the water situation?

The creator of this film asserts that if we directed a fraction of the money spent on bottled water in America, we could solve the world’s water crisis. Do you believe this? Would you be willing to change your habits to help a greater cause?