Picture from Escape From Planet Earth
Overall B-

Scorch Supernova (voice of Brendan Fraser) may have universal superhero status, but there is one place he hasn't tried his feats of dare-doing: Earth. After his rescue mission to the blue planet goes wrong, his brother (voice by Rob Corddry) sets off to try and rescue him.

Violence C+
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B+
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: PG for action and some mild rude humor.

Escape From Planet Earth

The conventional image of the little green alien is passé. Now they are blue. But don’t let the color change fool you into thinking Gary Supernova (voice by Rob Corddry) and his arrogant younger brother Scorch (voice by Brendan Fraser) offer anything different than the norm. Escape from Planet Earth is bedeviled with stereotypical characters: bad military personnel, bad government agents, bad Americans, bad human beings. According to the historical literature on planet Baab, earthlings are the only race that is devolving rather than evolving.

One has to wonder about that when the only good guys Gary meets on his mission to rescue his brother from the aforementioned bad military people are two 7-11 employees (voices by Steve Zahn, Chris Parnell). Their peace offering to Gary is a blue Slurpee. (And yes, aliens suffer from brain freeze as well.)

General Shanker (voice by William Shatner) certainly isn’t interested in fostering intergalactic relations. Instead he captures out-of-this-world visitors and mines them for their technological ideas. (Apparently Apple, Google and Facebook are all the brainchildren of extraterrestrials.) Shanker’s latest quest is to create the universe’s biggest weapon inaptly called a peace gun. And to do so, he is in cahoots with someone from Gary’s planet. Scorch unknowingly becomes the stool pigeon that transports the final element for the gun when he flies to Earth in response to a SOS call.

After Scorch is captured and incarcerated by Shanker, the faint-hearted Gary has to leave the safety of his desk at mission control in order to save face with his son Kip (voice by Jonathan Morgan Heit). Once on Earth, Gary discovers other aliens Shanker has imprisoned in an old warehouse in the Area 51 compound.

Expect the typical kind of cartoon violence, punching, threats, food fights, tranquilizer darts and frequent gun usage by a bunch of faceless brutes in yellow hazmat suits. And though the aliens believe they are higher up the evolution ladder, familial fights, nastiness on the job and competition between working women and stay at home moms happen on their planets too. (Maybe they are not as smart as they think.) These messages might be subtle but one has to wonder why storytellers can’t come up with a more creative plot that doesn’t rely on the same hackneyed characters.

With an all-star cast of voice talent and decent animation, Escape from Planet Earth could have been so much more. Fortunately this script focuses on positive family relations and parental role models, instead of the usual know-it-all offspring we see in earthling movies. While Kip steps up to help his papa in a pinch, Gary becomes his son’s hero in this adventure. Maybe aliens are more advanced after all!