Picture from Disney Princesses Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams
Overall A-

Waltzing directly from the factory onto DVD, this repackaging of the Disney Princesses offers Enchanted Tales featuring Aurora (voice by Erin Torpey) from Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine (voice by Linda Larkin-Vasquez) from Aladdin. In Follow Your Dreams, each of the royal lasses learns lessons about perseverance as they take on new responsibilities.

Violence B+
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: G

Disney Princesses Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams

Entering this fairytale castle of enchanted tales won't be much of a stretch for anyone familiar with Disney's treasury of animated princesses. If there is one thing this company does well, it is repackaging its products to boost sales.

Now both Aurora (voice by Erin Torpey) from Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine (voice by Linda Larkin-Vasquez) from Aladdin want to prove they're ready for something bigger and better than their current regal responsibilities. But taking on additional work requires perseverance on the part of these previously pampered princesses.

When the other royals are called away to an imperial conference, Aurora gets her day on the throne. Starting right away, she takes on the task of signing papers and meeting with the loyal subjects to solve their problems. However, she soon finds the duty of appeasing everyone is far more difficult than she imagined.

Likewise, Jasmine wants to do more than fill her day with seemingly meaningless activities. Yet when she is given the charge of teaching a roomful of rowdy youngsters, things quickly get out of hand. Even more worrisome is the disappearance of her father's favorite horse, Sahara. Determined to protect a young stable hand from the King's wrath, she sets out to find the stray animal.

Instead of waiting around to be rescued by handsome princes, these resourceful girls take charge of their situations and solve their own problems in two half hour segments (no knights in shining armor needed). Typical cartoon violence includes people falling from windows, and being smashed behind doors and under furniture. Jasmine's attempt to ride the frisky Sahara causes some moments of peril for the princess as well.

Complete with new musical numbers and bonus games, the lessons in this direct-to-DVD production are anything but subtle. Yet it's still hard to argue with the importance of hard work and sticking to your tasks.