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Cats and Dogs


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Jul 20, 2010

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Jeff Goldblum

Elizabeth Perkins


2001 Warner Brothers

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Still shot from the movie: Cats and Dogs.

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Overall B+
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Making the Grades

Just when you thought the Cold War was old news, a new conspiracy theory is trotting it's way across the backyards of America. This conflict is as old as the animal kingdom itself but never has so much been at stake. While humans go blissfully about their business, it's the family pets keeping an eye on the state of world peace.

Hunkered down in his basement lab, Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum) is on the verge of perfecting a breakthrough vaccination that will eliminate dog allergies and cinch their supremacy as household pets. But an evil plot by the power-hungry Persian, Mr. Tinkles (voice by Sean Hayes), threatens to block the Professor's success and put cats in control of the world. Under the leadership of seasoned spy veteran, Butch (voice by Alec Baldwin), a group of highly trained canine infiltrators wages war on the deviant fur balls using the latest computer and military technology. But the odds are tipped in favor of the cats when the Brody family's dog goes missing and is replaced by a novice pup. Lou (voice by Toby Maguire) is full of bravado but comes up short on the secret agent training. Soon this James Bond wannabe has Butch and his gang running circles to stay ahead of him while they keep a close surveillance on the conniving kitties.

The romping action scenes and nasty activities of Mr. Tinkles and his cohorts (including locking a family in a burning building and the ill treatment of Tinkles bed-ridden master) are concerns for young and impressionable viewers. But older children, particularly dog owners, will likely get caught up in cheering the interspecies espionage. With the majority of the jokes aimed at the average 10-year-old, most tag-a-long parents will be more interested in the lively combination of real animals, computer animation and the occasional puppet.

After exposing the worldwide threat of feline domination, Cats & Dogs makes me doggone glad that the canines are on our side.

Discussion Ideas After The Movie

Teaching ideas and topics to discuss about Cats and Dogs.

In the movie, Professor Brody struggles to spend time with his son. Besides being busy with his research, do you think he felt his responsibility as a dad? For Scott (Alexander Polluck), was it more important that his dad was a great soccer player or that they spent time playing together?

To make this movie, more computerized imaging tools were developed. These new techniques allowed the production staff to "scan" an entire animal, then take that data and manipulate it in any way they desired. To learn more about the digital technologies involved, check the movie’s extensive web site at:

Want more information on allergies? Visit for information about allergies.

Canadian Movie Ratings

MB G Frightening Scenes-----
ON G F-for Family

Canadian Home Video Rating: G

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Details on home video releases of Cats and Dogs...

Release Date: 20 July 2010

Cats and Dogs releases on Blu-ray with the following bonus extras:

- Commentary by actor Sean Hayes, director Lawrence Guterman, producer Chris DeFaria and production designer James Bissell

- Five featurettes: HBO First Look: Cats & Dogs, Teaching a New Dog New Tricks, Mr. Tinkles Audition Tape, Dogs Rule and Mr. Tinkles Speech

- Storyboard comparisons and Concept sketches

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