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Cars 2


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Nov 01, 2011

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Brad Lewis

John Lasseter


Owen Wilson

Michael Caine

Jason Isaacs

Larry the Cable Guy


2011 Disney / Pixar

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Still shot from the movie: Cars 2.

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Overall B+
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The creative minds at Pixar appear to want their characters and fans to grow up a little. Last year’s Toy Story 3 was engineered for viewers that nearly matched the age of its college-bound protagonist. Now the follow up to one of Pixar’s favorite movies for little tykes is also better suited for an older audience.

In Cars 2, the loveable tow truck Mater (voice of Larry the Cable Guy) takes center stage in the plot after he unwittingly becomes involved in a ring of secret agents. These operatives are trying to crack a case of international espionage involving big oil and an alternative fuel source.

It all begins when the adventuring SUV Miles Axlerod (voice of Eddie Izzard) decides he’s finished with fossil fuels and instead wants to promote a new energy choice at a three race match taking place in Japan, Italy and England. He immediately seizes the attention of the self-confident Francesco Bernoulli (voice of John Turturro), an Italian racecar overflowing with suave style. The Formula car’s boasting on television about being faster than Lightning McQueen is too much for Mater to take. Determined to drag his best buddy into the competition, he gets McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) to agree to the challenge. (It really doesn’t take much persuading!) Soon the old Lightening crew is ready to head for foreign lands, with Mater in tow.

However, the red coupe is a little concerned his rusty friend may tarnish his image. And his worst fears are realized after Mater makes a visit to a Japanese restroom. A case of mistaken identity finds the naive bucket-of-bolts becoming the right hand wheel to British intelligence agents Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell (voices of Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer).

This spy-spoof adventure may catch parents of young children off guard when cars are tortured, killed and disposed of with a variety of weapons. Examples include a car tormented with a ray gun that eventually causes the fuel within him to explode. Another vehicle is seen as a cube of metal—obviously meeting its demise in a crushing machine. And one falls into the sea causing it to burst into multiple pieces. In addition, a scene at a party features vehicles guzzling what looks like alcohol, and a very excited Mater making a beeline for the bar when he is told the drinks are free. The point is, if you imagine these characters as humans, this movie would likely garner a PG-13 rating in the US, yet it still managed to be awarded a G.

That’s not to say Cars 2 doesn’t contain all of the quality of writing and visual elements we have come to expect from Pixar— because it does. As well, there are positive messages resulting from Lightning McQueen’s shameful recognition of his embarrassment over his best friend’s nature. It is even a good bet this film’s higher-octane storyline will make it more likely to appeal to adults and teens, especially considering the script’s lack of sexual content and profanities. However, families with little ones who race around the house mimicking their favorite characters from Cars, may want to wait until their tots have a few more miles under their hoods before taking them to see this computer-animated sequel.

Discussion Ideas After The Movie

Teaching ideas and topics to discuss about Cars 2.

Was Lightning McQueen justified in being embarrassed by Mator’s behavior at the party? What is an appropriate way of handling a situation like this? What good things might we miss out on if we fail to include a variety of friends in our social circle?


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Release Date: 1 November 2011

Cars 2 zooms onto home video in the following packages:

Cars 2 (DVD)

- 1 DVD copy of Cars 2

- Theatrical Short - Toy Story Toon: Hawaiian Vacation

- Cars Toon: Air Mater

- Director Commentary

Cars 2 (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo)

- Choice of DVD or Blu-ray Packaging

- Two Discs: (DVD + Blu-ray)

- Theatrical Short - Toy Story Toon: Hawaiian Vacation

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Cars 2 (Five-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)

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- Cars Toon: Air Mater

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- Nuts and Bolts: A Sneak Peek of Cars Land

- World Tour   Interactive Map

- Deleted Scenes

- Short Documentaries

—Set Explorations from the Different Cities in the Movie

Cars1 & 2 are also available in the Cars Director’s Collection (11-Disc Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)

Eleven Discs:

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- Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)

- Cars 2 (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + Bonus Disc)

- Theatrical Short - Toy Story Toon: Hawaiian Vacation

- Cars Toon: Air Mater

- Director Commentary

- Nuts and Bolts: A Sneak Peek of Cars Land

- World Tour   Interactive Map

- Deleted Scenes

- Short Documentaries

- Set Explorations from the Different Cities in the Movie

- And More!

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mills100123 says: Jun. 25, 2011

Cars 2 should not be rated G.  Cars blow up, there’s a torture scene, lots of talk of “killing,” bombs, missiles, etc.  I’m angry and offended my very young boys were marketed to and then subjected to this!  We as a family were counting down the days for this movie to come out, but this is more of a violent video game experience, not a feel-good family movie by any stretch of the imagination.  My five year old wants to write a letter to “the movie guys,” he’s so upset about this awful film.

deltares says: Jun. 27, 2011

Well, Pixar figured out a way to ruin my son’s favorite movie. I did not know that animated Cars, or at least new ones, were liberals and had such strong political views.  Whatever happen to a fun story for kids in which they may simply enjoy? I have had enough of these types of movies trying to brain wash our kids. Let them have fun growing up and worry about their political views later in life..  If you want your kids to be indoctrinated by the liberal (uneducated Hollywood) viewpoint then Cars 2 is a must for you and your children. says: Jul. 01, 2011

Ordinarily, I read a lot of reviews before I allow my son to see a movie.  I am so sorry I took my son to see it. As a parent, I have come to enjoy Pixar films, which are geared toward both the adult and the child at the same time. The first Cars movie pokes good-natured fun at Nascar while providing a good story about the importance of community and friendship over the isolation inherent in fame and success. Cars2, however, chooses to satire James Bond films.  C?mon, John Lassiter, what were you thinking? This means that the film introduces machine guns, poisoning, torture, car chase scenes, death by inferno, and all the other standards of spy films to young children.  It is preschoolers that love Cars, and this film is completely inappropriate for them. I am astounded that it received a ?G? rating?is that because those that are murdered are car characters? It is the most violent Pixar film I have seen, and I feel betrayed. I most certainly will read reviews much more carefully before I let my son see another Pixar film.

It?s a cheap laugh, geared only toward adults.

Concerned Parent says: Jul. 07, 2011

We took our 5 year old son to see this film.  It truly scared him and he never wants to see it again. We took him out of the theater mulitiple times throughout this movie due to the violence. In one scene an American Spy Car is cornered by two of the Mafia cars in the Bathroom. A lot of intimidation takes place here. Next they work him over slamming into him; like a Mafia type of beating. It is shown shortly thereafter that this Spy Car with a Name again (Humanized) is KIDNAPPED and TIED UP to a RACK in a Dark Warehouse, obviously beaten up and tired with his (humanistic eyes) drooping as they question him with intense frightening music playing during this scene. They continue to question who he talked to and they place a Heated laser on him as they tell him it will slowly make him boil to Kill him from the type of fuel that is in him if he doesn’t talk. MINUTES LATER, when they are done ?Torturing Him? and get the information they wanted, the head Mafia guy says “Kill Him” and they turn the Laser all the way up and you can See & Hear the Explosion in the background as the American Spy is Killed. Fortunately my wife had taken our son out to the hall before this as we anticipated what was going to happen. To add insult to injury, not thinking it could get any worse, Mater is Kidnapped and taken to a Dark Clock Tower; Strung Up, Upside Down and told that he will watch his friend Lightning McQueen ?Die? and there is nothing he can do about it as the Mafia Hitmen Laugh and drive away. Yes they are just “cars” but to Toddlers they have been Humanized with the way the cars talk and have human features (eyes, mouth etc..) So killing a car is the same to them as killing a human being. That was the whole appeal of the Original Cars movie, the HUMAN ELEMENT of the ?cars? interactions. What kind of movie is this to show kids? John Lasseter and Pixar have exposed America’s children to a very damaging and disturbing film.

midge says: Jul. 22, 2011

After reading the opinions on here I almost decided not to take my 3 and 5 year old to see Cars 2. We are a pretty cautious family, and watch pretty limited TV. That being said, I am glad I went against my gut and took them to see the movie. Yes, I was unhappy with the amount of times the phrase “kill him” was used (kill is a dirty word in our house). At the beginning of the action my son said to me somewhat alarmed “they are killing the bad guys”. I calmly leaned in held his hand and reminded him that cars can’t be killed, only crashed. And crashed cars can be fixed can’t they smile I also reminded him that it was just a story and wasn’t real. There was a lot of spy movie style action with guns, explosions, crashes. And yes a car did get blown up after being “tortured”. Though the torture consisted of a car asking questions in a menacing voice. I think that the storyline was way beyond the little ones that are going to see this movie. ALL that said, we enjoyed the movie. It was cute. And though it was subtle, the good old fashioned values were hidden in the story. Mater is a loyal loving friend, McQueen messed up and hurt Maters feelings, realized he was wrong, tells Mater he is perfect the way he is, Mater won’t fix his dents because they are a “valuable” part of who he is. The good stuff we love is still in this movie. My kids really enjoyed it. I think that this movie has a good balance of good and EEK! But we will buy the DVD when it comes out. I think that the more suspenseful parts of the movie were some good conversation starters for us.

Shelley says: Oct. 09, 2014

I really LOVE Cars 2 and the smart aleckey things they did in the movie, but I think parents should wait till their tots have a few more miles on their dials because some of the content may indeed scare them

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