Becoming Bulletproof parents guide

Becoming Bulletproof Parent Review

While this documentary isn't appropriate for all audiences, it is still an inspiring production that may spark discussions about the way we see others.

Overall A-

This documentary follows the participants of a drama camp, which is designed to give performing opportunities to actors with diverse developmental challenges.

Violence B+
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B
Substance Use B

Becoming Bulletproof is rated Not Rated

Movie Review

Will and Pete Halby and their wives, Vanessa and Ila, are the force behind Zeno Mountain Farm, a nonprofit organization that aims to “support lifelong friendships between people of diverse abilities.” Their mission is to give performing arts opportunities to a huge cast of actors with developmental challenges.

In 2013, Zeno released its first Western, Bulletproof. The documentary Becoming Bulletproof by director Michael Barnett tells the story of the movie’s production and introduces members of the cast and crew, totaling 45. Among them are 18 actors with physical or cognitive challenges

One of the stars is twenty-something Jeremy Vest, who has May 12, 2016

Becoming Bulletproof Parents Guide

Note: Becoming Bulletproof is opening in limited theaters.

Learn more about Halby’s Zeno Mountain Farm, the nonprofit organization behind this drama camp for the challenged and disabled.

How are the lives of the able-bodied volunteers changed by their interactions with the other camp participants? Why is it important to many of the volunteers to treat everyone with dignity as they assist them with the daily rituals of life?

What kinds of responsibilities come to parent that have a child with challenges? What kind of support is important for the parent as well as the child?