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Arthur Christmas Parent Review

Combining army tactics, modern technology and good old fashioned Christmas magic, "Arthur Christmas" brings a delightful family adventure to the theaters this holiday season.

Overall A-

Every family shares a few secrets, but everything about Arthur Christmas' (voice of James McAvoy) life is confidential. And this proves problematic when this son of Santa has an urgent matter of his own that needs attending to on Christmas Eve.

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity A-
Substance Use A-

Arthur Christmas is rated PG for some mild rude humor.

Movie Review

For many people, Christmas has become nothing more than a crush of activities to be completed as efficiently as possible. The magic is gone and unfortunately so is the spirit of celebration.

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It’s no different at the North Pole. Santa (voice by Jim Broadbent) is nearing retirement and has turned many of the details of the annual Christmas Eve event over to his son Steve (voice of Hugh Laurie) who oversees the delivery operation with military precision. Grandsanta (voice by Bill Nighy) spends his time in his rocker pining for the old days of sleigh travel instead of the Star Trek-esque ship Santa and his elves now use.

Only Arthur (voice by James McAvoy) still revels in the splendor of the season. He works in the mailroom reading and responding to millions of childish requests. One in particular stands out. Gwen (voice by Ramona Marquez) hopes for one thing under her Christmas tree—a pink Twinkle bike.

When an operational glitch results in a failed delivery of the girl’s gift, Steve is willing to chalk it up as a minor statistical error and leave things as is. Arthur, however, determines to get the bike under Gwen’s tree before the sun rises.

This engaging animation has plenty that will appeal to younger viewers, including an elf named Bryony (voice by Ashley Jensen) who can wrap in mid air. But it is older teens and adults who may actually appreciate more of the intricacies of this clever and complex storyline about family relationships and responsibilities.

While some brief moments of peril occur when the characters are surrounded by lion after inadvertently landing in Tanzania, few other content concerns arise in this film for the six and up age group.

Combining army tactics, modern technology and good old fashioned Christmas magic, Arthur Christmas brings a delightful family adventure to the theaters this holiday season.

Directed by Sarah Smith, Barry Cook . Starring James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy. Running time: 100 minutes. Theatrical release November 22, 2011. Updated

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Arthur Christmas Parents Guide

What generational differences are seen between the characters in this story? What does each come to appreciate about the others? What real life personalities are spoofed in this movie?

How do the individuals in this story approach Christmas? Which one is most like you? Are you all about efficiency, do you turn all of the responsibilities over to others or do you still enjoy the magic of the season?

What are the challenges of getting old? Why does Grandsanta feel so left out? How can families include elderly members in the holiday festivities?

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