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Still shot from the movie: Rango.


When Rango (voice of Johnny Depp) is accidentally abandoned in the Mojave desert, the already insecure chameleon finds he may have to do more than just change his color in order to fit in with the locals. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B-
Violence: C
Sexual Content: B-
Language: B-
Drugs/Alcohol: C+
Run Time: 107
Theater Release: 04 Mar 2011
Video Release: 15 Jul 2011
MPAA Rating: PG
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blueekb2 says: Mar. 04, 2011

Wow- this might be the most inappropriate movie I have ever taken my kids to. I had to ask so many questions from my youngest (5) about the violence and the death - during the movie. We had to endure curse words “Go to Hell”. It was so loud during the scary moments that we had to cover our ears and look away. There were really mean villains. There were predators killing their prey. There was drunken-ness and references to a drunk father not dying in an accidental, alcohol-related death and leaving his child alone. It didn’t make sense as a kids movie. It should have been rated pg 13. Even my oldest (11) said, “it was good except for the scary parts”.

Rhonda says: Mar. 07, 2011

Regarding the movie Rango; it seems it was made for families/children, however, there is bad language, like “go to hell”, and reference made to someone’s prostate while riding horses, and the little mouse girl holding a gun like it was a toy, and all the gun fire throughout the movie is not really child-friendly.  It really is a violent movie for children with a message that firing guns is fun and exciting.  My son is 12 and he agrees with me.  He did not like the movie all that much.

kpulmano says: Mar. 11, 2011

I cannot believe this movie is from Nickelodeon.  I took my two 8-years-old and my 12-year-old to see it.  Even my oldest said it was not very appropriate.  First of all, it was very weird and creepy.  There was cursing, alcohol, shooting, hanging by a noose, walking into the street while cars going (we thought he was going to kill himself during this part), It was more like a dark death type movie, there was no comedy.  There was nudity on a manequin, sexual references.  I will think twice before seeing another nickelodeon movie.  Thank goodness my two younger children fell asleep during the movie (I guess that also says how boring it was).

momtothemax says: Mar. 13, 2011

This is movie is definitely not appropriate for young children. I took my 6 year old son and joined my sister with her 4 year old daughter and 12 year old son.  The 4 year old - thankfully - fell asleep pretty early on.  My 6 year old says he loved it, but I’m hoping he forgets all of it with the next movie he sees.  There was adult-language, themes, situations, and violence that should have earned this movie a PG-13 rating.  Don’t know why I wasn’t tipped off that this probably wouldn’t be kid-friendly by the fact that Johnny Depp was the title character.  Great actor, but weird content.

Sweebs says: Mar. 13, 2011

The site reviewer states of this movie under “VIOLENCE”:

“A hawk chases several animals,,,[a character is](Rango)impaled with cactus needles,and started on fire. Explosives are hurled at characters. A child plays with a loaded gun and points it at people. A bird has an arrow impaled in his head and through his eye. A snake threatens the townsfolk. An animal is drowned and others are put in a tank that fills quickly with water. Characters are beaten with a stick on several occasions. Birds are shown hanging in nooses.
Sexual Content: The naked torso of a headless doll is seen on several occasions, as is a buxom female. Numerous jokes include sexual innuendo, comments about anatomy or references to sexual activity. A male character wears a dress. One character licks the face of a girl.

nycgirl5 says: Mar. 13, 2011

I walked out on this movie. I took my 8yr old and 6yr old to see it along with my friend and her son.  The langauge, violence and crazy storyline were not kid friendly.

Do not take your kids to see this movie

UrbGrrl says: Mar. 19, 2011

Took my 9 year old daughter to see this.  She’s a big Harry Potter fan—both books & movies, so she’s not overly sensitive to violence.  This movie was too much even for her.  We made it through about halfway & then she told me she wanted to leave.  Didn’t like the movie—“too violent”. 

In addition, I must say I was surprised by the bar scene. Rango walks into an old-fashioned, Western bar & tries to order water.  The entire bar full of characters erupts into laughter while the bartender tells him, “We don’t serve water—only cactus juice!”  Rango agrees to some & is served it in a shot glass.  Several characters are smoking cigars, as well.  Just bizarre what passes for PG these days…  I’ve gotta’ say I’m even a bit surprised that Parent Previews gave this a B-.  I’d give it closer to a solid C.  A B- seems too generous. 

Bottom line: Glad we left & got our money back.  Find a better movie—you’ll be glad you did!

Pinewalker says: Mar. 21, 2011

I agree with the other posters, a LOT of inappropriate material (sexual, language, violence).  The opening scene with the naked doll top and his flirtations with it had my 13 yr old looking at me to see if I was making a bee line for the exit.  My two are 11 & 13 and it was barely ok for them to see this movie.  Any younger, definitely not. 

I was very irritated by the (yet again) mockery of the Christian religion and strong stereotyping of mindless ritualism that Hollywood feels we Christians practice.  In one scene a character is thumping the Bible (how original) and in another the whole town lines up and does a ritualistic dance and shouting “hallelujahs” that they are apparently instructed to do each week at noon to receive their portion of water that week.

I’m also not sure why people are shocked this was produced by Nickelodeon since they put out a good amount of mindless garbage on kids’ TV (regular Nick, not Nick Jr). 

It’s really too bad because if this were written a little better and the weirdness toned down a little, there were a lot of life lessons that could have been taught in this movie (hard work, perseverance, self respect, etc).

HDumond says: Jul. 15, 2011

Just watched this with my 12 year old daughter and 11 year old niece. The language horrified me and I couldn’t believe I heard “son of a….” given they didn’t complete the sentence, it was still partially said. And then the wonderful bar scene…drinking and Rango is asked if he “missed his mama’s melons” or something of that nature and he replies “yeah along with your daddy’s cooking!” I believe there was another breast comment made asking if they were real but I was between the kitchen and living room during parts of it and only heard bits. I just can’t believe that this is considered PG!?! How am I supposed to provide guidance as a parent when the movie leads me to believe it’s for children then starts using language like this? It’s a child’s movie. I doubt anyone was expecting to find language and comments and violence when they watched it. The movie, in my opinion, would have been much better had they not disappointed the parents who are disgusted with the language and other content and instead risked disappointing anyone who was excited to go see a cartoon lizard movie geared towards children with hopes of drinking and swearing being included. These producers and writers need to start making movies for children, and making different movies for adults. There will never be a good mix of child and adult content. Do one or the other. Find other ways, other than swearing and drinking, to entice or grasp an adults interest to watch. Not all adults enjoy swearing, violence, drinking and smoking.

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