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Still shot from the movie: The Nut Job.

The Nut Job

When a squirrel lives in an urban environment, he has to learn a different set of survival skills. And Surley (voice of Will Arnett) will have to use all of them - plus the help of his inner-city friends, to pull off the perfect heist at a store specializing in nuts. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: B
Violence: C+
Sexual Content: B+
Language: B
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Run Time: 86
Theater Release: 17 Jan 2014
Video Release: 15 Apr 2014
MPAA Rating: PG
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katrina says: Jan. 24, 2014

I hope this will help parents who want to presrve their child’s (childrens) innocence.

My son is eight and unfortnuately he does not live in the bubble I would love to keep him in! I did not mind the fart jokes at all, especially since they were not at another’s expense.  I did not care for the nasty little girl, nor the sexy woman, and yes, I could have done without the guns. However, becuase my son is eight and has played with toy guns, etc, I have to say that they did not put me over the edge.

What did? The “Sexy Woman” song at the end. I have not seen this mentioned in the few reviews I have read. Why on earth did they need that song and what the heck made them choose it? I would have loved to been in on that meeting! Here is this fairly sweet movie about park animals and then they have to put some stupid gansta rap sexy woman song at the end. Okay, you could have kept the gansta rap and put lyrics that would have been appropriate for KIDS!!!!!!! Not giving my money to kids movies anymore. It cost me $30 bucks to learn my lesson.

This is the first movie I did not do my due diligence on. Hearing that song pounding into my son’s head and the little girl in front of us made me so sad. It really did. There are a so many other lyrics they could have chosen. My husband and I decided that we will not take him to the movies unless we have seen the film. As far as new releases go, we will watch them on Netflix and make our decisions that way.


Rod Gustafson says: Jan. 24, 2014

Hi Katrina,
I appreciate your comments on the closing credits song. The song is called Gangnan Style and has been a YouTube sensation for so long it has almost become transparent to us. Thanks for keeping us on our toes… I will add it to our sexual content category.

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