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Still shot from the movie: The Lego Movie.

The Lego Movie

The kid's toy LEGO assembles itself into an animated movie, featuring an ordinary LEGO man (voice of Chris Pratt) who is mistaken for an extraordinary action figure by a group of super heroes. These "Master Builders" are hoping he will help them dismantle an evil villain's diabolical plans. Get the movie review and more. »


Overall: A
Violence: B-
Sexual Content: B+
Language: A-
Drugs/Alcohol: A
Run Time: 101
Theater Release: 07 Feb 2014
Video Release: 17 Jun 2014
MPAA Rating: PG
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Neubie65 says: Jan. 22, 2014

My 3 year old and are huge fans of lego videos but sometimes they are too violent (killing, guns etc).  Can anyone say where the Lego movie stands in the spectrum of Lego (albeit limited) violence.  Clutch Powers = less violent.  Ninjago = too violent.

EMmom says: Feb. 08, 2014

I was nervous about taking my kids to see this movie based on the B- grade for violence. Thankfully I heard on KLOVE that they’re movie rather gave it a 4.5/5 stars for family friendliness. There is violence in here but it didn’t strike me as over the top. It definitely wasn’t the main focus of the movie. The movie has a really good message to it. The full message may be too complex for kids to understand everything (there is a twist at the end).  There were plenty of laughs for kids and adults to enjoy. My family found this movie I be very entertaining.

J says: Feb. 08, 2014

I saw the movie yesterday (2/8).  I think the rating above is correct, there is a tremendous amount of animated violence.  There is no gore, but there’s plenty of hitting, destruction, shooting, etc.  I haven’t seen Clutch Powers or Ninjago, but my sense is the movie is too violent for kids under the age of 8.  There’s a reason this is PG compared to say Toy Story (rated G). 

I would say the level of violence is comparable to The Incredibles (which got a C+ on this site)

A major character is killed, there are fights with weapons, destruction, and torture.  If your kids are already “shooting” with the lego toys, then this movie is probably just a super-exciting version of your kids imagination anyway.  For the littler ones… well… I won’t let my 3-year old see it for a few years.

All that being said, the movie was totally awesome for me!  I want to see it again.  It’s a blockbuster.  There is nothing wrong with the movie for mature kids, or families ready to discuss what happens in the movie (and the talk-it-over discussion topics are spot-on).

HBinOC says: Jun. 12, 2014

I thought this movie was way too violent, not at all like the Lego City"short films”, which are great. The only part I liked was the first 10 minutes. My (sensitive) 7 year old was really bothered by some of the actions…glueing down the parents and the beheading.

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