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Nov 05, 2010

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Feb 25, 2011

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Tom McGrath


Will Ferrell
Jonah Hill
Brad Pitt
Tina Fay
Jonah Hill


2010 DreamWorks SKG

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Still shot from the movie: Megamind.

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The war between good and evil erupts on Earth when two aliens from different planets arrive and begin to engage in a feud of superhero proportions. This animated adventure features the voice talents of Will Ferrell as Megamind and Brad Pitt as Metro Man.

Content Details

Why Is Megamind Rated PG?

Megamind is rated PG for action and some language.

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Here is additional information on sex, violence and profanity in Megamind...

Violence: Several individuals are repeatedly subjected to bullying and threats, sometimes with weapons. Others are run over by a car, bitten, hit with a large stick and caught in an exploding building. Property damage is frequently portrayed. A female character is dropped while in the air and nearly hits the ground before being caught. Another person is seen falling as well. Men engage in hand-to-hand combat on several occasions.

Sexual Content: An adult couple kisses.

Language: The script contains a couple of terms of Deity and some brief name-calling.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A couple drinks champagne with dinner. A man is injected with a DNA altering drug.

Other: A character appears to be mimicking Jesus Christ when he walks on water and descends from heaven. Some bathroom humor, including jokes about wedgies, is found in the script.

Home Video Viewing Alternatives

Here are some ideas for home video titles that are related to Megamind.

Despicable Me portrays another bad guy who learns to do good after becoming the adoptive father of three female orphans. Superheroes also battle it out in The Incredibles and Sky High. Actors in this film have lent their vocal talents to other characters as well. Brat Pitt voices a robber who is looking forward to retirement in Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. Will Ferrell does the speaking parts for The Man in the Yellow Hat in the children’s movie Curious George. Ben Stiller provides the verbal skills for a large lion that lives in New York City’s Central Park in Madagascar.

Trailers & Clips

Canadian Movie Ratings

G Violence.
MB PG Frightening Scenes
ON PG Cartoon/Animation Action

Canadian Home Video Rating: PG

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Details on home video releases of Megamind...

Megamind releases to DVD and Blu-ray on February 25, 2011 with the following bonus extras:

Megamind: Single DVD:

- Meet the All-Star Cast

- Discover the Lost Scene

- Filmmaker’s Commentary

Megamind: DVD Mega Double Two-Pack

- Meet the All-Star Cast

- Discover the Lost Scene

- Visit Megamind’s Lair

- Experience AnimatorMan

- Learn to Draw Megamind

- Unleash The Reign of Megamind Video Comic Book

- Filmmakers’ Commentary

- Fun high-flying games and more!

Megamind: Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo


- Megamind on Blu-ray

- Megamind: The Button of Doom (Megamind and Minion return to battle an even bigger foe in this all-new Mega comedy adventure!)

- Enhance the Movie Viewing Experience with the Animator’s Corner featuring Picture-in-Picture Storyboards, Behind the Scenes Footage and Interviews

- Uncover More Megamind Facts with the Trivia Track

- Put your own hilarious twist on scenes from the film with the Interactive Comic Creator

- Meet the All-Star Cast

- Discover the Lost Scene

- Visit Megamind’s Lair

- Experience AnimatorMan

- Learn to Draw Megamind

- Unleash The Reign of Megamind Video Comic Book

- Fun High-Flying Games and More!

DISC 2 :

- Megamind on DVD

- Filmmakers’’ Commentary

- Meet the All-Star Cast

- Discover the Lost Scene

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aandjmom says: Nov. 19, 2010

My kids and I really liked the movie. However, I thought the part where he walked on water was in poor taste. One thing that is not mentioned in any review I have found is that there is a seen where the created bad guy is yelling at the girl and he says that she thinks there is good in everyone and that the world is a wonderful place. He then yells there is no tooth fairy, there is no easter bunny. I was waiting for him to yell there is no santa claus. I really think they could have omitted that part.

jhartmus says: Jun. 10, 2011

Yes, he yells no tooth fairy and no Easter bunny….but there is a third item in the list of things that “don’t exist” that blantently and surely DOES exist without question that makes the guy just sound off his rocker and nuts.  My 6 and 8 yos took it in just that manner - boy that guy is crazy to say that.

Enjoyed the movie more than I expected.  The kids did too.  We watched on our TV at home.  I think, based on past experiences, that my sensitive 6yo would not have enjoyed this on the big screen as it would have been too intense at times.

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