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Overall B+

Danny (Jonah Bobo) has no idea of the consequences when he talks his older brother Walter (Josh Hutcherson) into playing a mysterious board game. Flinging the squabbling siblings into the far reaches of the universe, the two must work together if they hope to navigate their way home.

Violence C
Sexual Content A
Profanity C+
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: PG for fantasy actions and perils, and some language.


The most recent home video release of this movie is September 22, 2015. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: Zathura: A Space Adventure: 10th Anniversary Edition
Release Date: 22 September 2015
Zathura: A Space Adventure releases to home video in a 10th Anniversary Edition. Bonus features include:
- Commentary with Jon Favreau and Peter Billingsley
- The Right Moves: The Making of 'Zathura'
- The Cast of Zathura
- Miniatures and the World of Zathura
- The World of Chris Van Allsburg
- Zorgons, Robots, and Frozen Lisa
- Making the Game
- From the cast of Goosebumps
- New animated storybook version of Zathura (the book), narrated by author Chris Van Allsburg - Original Theatrical Trailer
Exclusive HD Content:
- Race Through Space: Virtual Board Game

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