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Overall A-

In 1959 Disney's Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on a spinning wheel spindle and fell into a magical comma. Now, thanks to the wonders of new technology, this classic story is being reawakened so it can enchant a new generation of movie watchers.

Violence A-
Sexual Content B-
Profanity A
Substance Use A

MPAA Rating: G

Sleeping Beauty

The most recent home video release of this movie is October 7, 2014. Here are some details…

Blu-ray Notes: Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition

Blu-ray Release Date: 7 October 2014

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty release in a Diamond Edition (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) with the following extras:

- All the previous bonus features releases on the DVD (see below), plus:

- Once Upon A Parade: Sarah Hyland (star of Modern Family) tells us the tale of Walt Disney World’s new Festival Of Fantasy Parade.

- Art of Evil: Generations Of Disney Villains: Spotlight on Disney’s favorite villain animator and Maleficent creator Marc Davis

- @DisneyAnimation: Artists in Motion: Walt Disney Animation Visual Development artist Brittney Lee goes through the process of creating a three dimensional sculpture of Maleficent, completely out of paper.

- Deleted scenes: The Fair (with Deleted Character The Vulture,) The Curse is Fulfilled and Arrival Of Maleficent.

- Beauty-Oke sing-along to Once Upon A Dream.

Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty: 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition

DVD Release Date: 7 October 2008

Walt Disney’s classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty reawakens (for a limited time) in this 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition, presented in its original 70 mm film aspect ratio. This two-disc set has been showered with many bonus extras like a recently discovered alternate opening and four deleted songs. Featurettes include a making-of documentary and a look at how many artists it takes to paint one tree. Along with games (Fun With English and Briar Rose Enchanted Dance Game), song selections and a music video (Emily Osment croons an updated version of Once Upon a Dream), there are two additional Disney productions: The Peter Tchaikovsky Story (a dramatization of the composer’s life which aired as an episode of the Walt Disney TV show to introduce the studio’s upcoming release of Sleeping Beauty) and Grand Canyon (the award-winning short film featuring panoramic vistas that accompanied Sleeping Beauty’s theatrical run). Past theme park visitors will also appreciate the opportunity to take a 3D tour of the former Disneyland Attraction, The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-Through. Audio tracks are available in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround (English, French and Spanish), with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is also releasing on Blu-ray Disc. Don’t have a Blu-ray player yet?

Have no fear. The studio’s marketing team has thought of a solution for you. Buy the Blu-ray edition anyway (before the sales window closes), because they have included a standard DVD copy of the movie in the package. Then you’ll be prepared when you get a player in the future. (You might want to jot one down on your Christmas wish list). And why do you want the Blu-ray version? Because it not only has all the extras materials found in the DVD set, but it also offers more games (Maleficent’s Challenge and Dragon Encounter), a Cine-explore commentary (with picture-in-picture options), a customizable menu and a featurette about the sound track’s restoration. As well, there are BD-live network options, allowing you to chat, send movie mail, play movie trivia games and collect redeemable reward points. (How could Santa possibly say no to all that!)

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Disney animators often reused character designs in various films. Look at the similarities between King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming’s father in Cinderella and the Sultan in Aladdin. (What other duplicates can you spot?) The combination live-action/ animation movie Enchanted humorously contrasts fairytale romantic ideals (like those found in this story) with real life relationships.

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