Picture from River’s End
Overall B

Angry and rebellious, seventeen-year-old Clay Watkins (Sam Huntington) is bent on self-destruction until his Grandpa (Barry Corbin), an old-fashioned Texas cowboy and acting sheriff of the county, gives the young offender a choice: smarten up by going to jail or by taking a wilderness survival trip down the Pecos River.

Violence C
Sexual Content B-
Profanity C
Substance Use C

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mild language and violence.

River’s End

The most recent home video release of this movie is February 19, 2007. Here are some details…

DVD Release Date: 20 February 2007

The DVD of River’s End comes with a director’s commentary, filmmaker’s introduction (which includes a slide show of behind-the-scenes photos) and the movie’s trailer.

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