Picture from Couples Retreat
Overall C-

When four married couples head to a tropical island, they expect a holiday in the sun. Instead, this Couples Retreat is actually set up to provide counseling for troubled relationships -- and whether they want to or not -- they are all going to participate in these therapy sessions.

Violence B
Sexual Content C
Profanity C-
Substance Use C

MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for sexual content and language. Previously rated R by the MPAA in 2009.

Couples Retreat

The most recent home video release of this movie is February 9, 2010. Here are some details…

Release Date: 9 February 2010

Couples Retreat arrives on DVD and Blu-ray with the following bonus materials:

- Alternate Ending

- Feature commentary with director Peter Billingsley and Vince Vaughn

- Featurettes: Behind the Yoga, Therapy’s Greatest Hits and Paradise Found: Filming in Bora Bora.

- Gag Reel

The Blu-ray edition of Couples Retreat also offers these extras:

- Digital Copy

- BD Live

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