Picture from The Adjustment Bureau
Overall B

A young politician (Matt Damon) stumbles upon a secret organization that monitors and controls others' lives. Determined to be with the woman he loves (Emily Blunt), he confronts the forces of Fate that are conspiring to keep them apart.

Violence B-
Sexual Content C+
Profanity D+
Substance Use B-

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexuality and a violent image.

The Adjustment Bureau

The most recent home video release of this movie is June 21, 2011. Here are some details…

The Adjustment Bureau releases to DVD and Blu-ray on June 21, 2011, with the following bonus extras:

- Feature Commentary with writer/director George Nolfi

- Deleted and Extended Scenes

- Leaping Through New York

- Destined to Be

- Becoming Elise

Exclusive HD Content

- The Labyrinth of Doors: Interactive Map of New York

- Pocket Blu

- My Scenes

- My Movies

- BD-Live

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