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Something The Lord Made

Overall A

In 1940's America, it's considered impossible to operate on the heart. It's also taboo to treat colored people as equals. But whether by fate or divine intervention, both of these beliefs are about to be challenged when Vivien Thomas (Mos Def) begins working as a lab assistant of Dr. Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman), and the two begin exploring the medical frontiers of cardiac surgery.

Violence B
Sexual Content A
Profanity C
Substance Use C+

Why is Something The Lord Made rated Not Rated? The MPAA rated Something The Lord Made Not Rated

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Something The Lord Made
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia Not Rated
Alberta Not Rated
Manitoba Not Rated -----
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video NA

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News About "Something The Lord Made"

Cast and Crew

Something The Lord Made is directed by and stars Mos Def, Alan Rickman.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Something The Lord Made movie is January 24, 2005. Here are some details…