He's a genius in his own mind.

Overall C-

David Ghantt’s (Zach Galifianakis) boring job as a security truck driver gets a glimmer of excitement when he is talked into stealing some of the money he's been transporting. But the more brilliant masterminds behind the crime (Kristen Wiig and Owen Wilson) may have dubious motives for including him in the heist.

Release date September 30, 2016

Violence C+
Sexual Content C+
Profanity B-
Substance Use C+

Why is Masterminds rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Masterminds PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, some language and violence.

Run Time: 94 minutes

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Rating & Content Info

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Why is Masterminds rated PG-13? Masterminds is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for crude and sexual humor, some language and violence.

Violence:Criminal activity is glamorized and trivialized. Most of the violence is humorously depicted. TV, movie and news footage shows acts of crime, violence and armed robberies. Guns are used at target practice and as weapons: non-serious injury, accidental death, explosions and property damage result. A man steals money from his employer. Conspirators in a heist betray each other. Vehicles are involved in chases and crashes. A man on rollerblades hangs onto the back of a moving truck. Police officers and FBI agents track and chase wanted criminals. Fist-fights and brawls break out, once between two women. A hitman is hired who discusses his preference for killing in cruel ways. A knife is shown and the intent to murder and cut up the victim is mentioned. Bloody teeth are seen, which have supposedly been tortuously pulled out of a man’s mouth. A cut off ear is shown. A character buys guns from an illegal arms dealer. A character is kidnapped and held prisoner. Characters are bound and gagged with duct tape. A character is bitten by a fish.

Sexual Content: A woman wears revealing clothing and her bra is seen when she takes off her shirt. She also uses her womanly wiles to persuade a man to do her bidding. Crass humor, along with crude sexual language, references and innuendo are frequently heard. Flatulence and a diarrhea episode in a pool are depicted. A woman hides money in a man’s underwear. Prostitutes are portrayed. Women’s health issues are discussed. Characters kiss and embrace. A woman is accused of being a mistress and one of the reasons for a broken engagement.

Language: The script includes crude slang words for body parts and derogatory slurs, as well as a few mild and moderate profanities, and terms of deity. An abbreviation referencing a strong sexual expletive is used.

Alcohol / Drug Use: Alcohol is seen at home and at parties. A discouraged character carries a bottle of beer and appears drunken.

Other: A character eats a tarantula.

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Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Violence.
Alberta PG Crude Content.
Manitoba PG Not Recommeded for Young Children.
Ontario PG Language May Offend, Crude Content.
Quebec G
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "Masterminds"

Cast and Crew

Masterminds is directed by Jared Hess and stars Kristen Wiig, Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis.

Read about the real story that inspired the Masterminds script.

From the Studio:
In this action comedy based on true events, directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite; Nacho Libre), David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) discovers the true meaning of adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. He is an uncomplicated man stuck in a monotonous life. Day in and day out he drives an armored vehicle, transporting millions of other people's money with no escape in sight. The only glimmer of excitement is his flirtatious work crush Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig) who soon lures him into the scheme of a lifetime. Along with a group of half-brained criminals led by Steve Chambers (Owen Wilson) and an absurdly faulted heist plan, David manages the impossible and makes off with $17 million in cash...only problem is he foolishly hands the money over to this wild group of double crossers and has been set up to take the fall. With the bandits blowing the millions on lavish and ridiculous luxuries, they leave behind a glaring trail of evidence. Now on the lam and in over his head, David must dodge the authorities, evade a hilarious hit man, Mike McKinney (Jason Sudeikis), and try to turn the tables on the ones he trusted most. © Relativity

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Masterminds movie is January 31, 2017. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: Masterminds
Release Date: 31 January 2017
Masterminds releases to home video (Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack) with the following special features:
- The Imperfect Crime

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Jared Hess also directed Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre.