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The Marine

Overall C-

John Triton (John Cena) is a discharged Marine who will stop at nothing to get his wife (Kelly Carlson) back after she is kidnapped by some trigger-happy jewel thieves. And the screenplay is equally determined to pack as much action, bullets and explosions as possible into this movie showcasing a former WWE wrestling celebrity. (Plot, however, is optional.)

Release date October 12, 2006

Violence D+
Sexual Content B-
Profanity C-
Substance Use B

Why is The Marine rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Marine PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, sensuality and language

Run Time: 93 minutes

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The Marine
Rating & Content Info

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Why is The Marine rated PG-13? The Marine is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of violent action, sensuality and language

As long as viewers take this film with a large grain of salt, the over-the-top antics of an action hero bent on rescuing his wife are tolerable. Unfortunately for many families the violence factor won’t be. Characters, including innocent bystanders, are beaten, shot at close range with automatic rifles and hand-held missiles, tossed through glass windows and thrown from a moving semi. The crooks in this film also have a penchant for blowing things up like gas stations, police cruisers and fishing lodges. One fire results in a man being horrifically burned. The script contains profanities and an extreme expletive, sexual comments including references to homosexuality and child abuse, depictions of a married couple passionately kissing in their underwear and a woman dropping her clothes.

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The Marine
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia 14A Frequent Violence
Alberta 14A Violence. Mature Themes.
Manitoba 14A Not Recommended For Young Children, Violence, Language May OffendNot recommended for children. Language may offend.-----
Ontario 14A Not Recommended for Children, Violence.
Quebec 13+ Violence.
Martimes 14A
Canadian Home Video 14A

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News About "The Marine"

Cast and Crew

The Marine is directed by and stars John Cena, Kelly Carlson, Robert Patrick.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Marine movie is January 29, 2007. Here are some details…

The Marine takes the DVD market by storm in three editions: The Marine (as seen in theaters), The Marine (the unrated version) and The Marine (in Blu-ray). The theatrical and Blu-ray presentations come with only the theatrical trailers for bonus material.

But the Unrated edition is fully loaded. Providing both the cut and uncut versions of the film, this DVD also packs the following featurettes: The Making of The Marine, World Premiere at Camp Pendelton, Stuck in the Elevator and WWE Promotional Features. Fans of the film’s star will also get to know every thing about him with: John Cena Profile, John Cena Military History, Cena Basic Training, Cena’s Aussie Day Of. Audio tracks are available in English (DTS 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) and Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), with subtitles in English and Spanish.

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Robert Patrick, who plays the diamond thief in The Marine, also stars as the father of country music icon Johnny Cash in the film Walk the Line. As well, he has a role in the fireman story Ladder 49.