The Lost World: Jurassic Park parents guide

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Overall C

Picking up a few years after Jurassic Park, this prehistoric plot begins with the discovery of another island where the genetic recreation experiment was carried out. Now curious scientists (Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore) are again in danger of becoming lunch.

Release date May 23, 1997

Violence D+
Sexual Content A
Profanity B+
Substance Use B+

Why is The Lost World: Jurassic Park rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Lost World: Jurassic Park PG-13 for intense sci-fi terror and violence.

Run Time: 129 minutes

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia Not Rated
Alberta Not Rated
Manitoba Not Rated -----
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"

Cast and Crew

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Lost World: Jurassic Park movie is March 26, 2013. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Release Date: 26 March 2013

The Lost World: Jurassic Park is releasing to home video (Blu-ray + DVD + UV Digital Copy) just in time for the first film Jurassic Park to experience a 3D re-release in theaters (April 5 , 2013). Bonus extras include:

- Return to Jurassic Park: Finding The Lost World

- Return to Jurassic Park: Something Survived

- The Making of The Lost World

- Original Featurette on the Making of the Film

- The Jurassic Park Phenomenon: A Discussion with Author Michael Crichton

- The Compie Dance Number: Thank You Steven Spielberg From ILM

- ILM & The Lost World: Before & After the Visual Effects

- Production Archives

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This movie is part of a trilogy. The other 2 films in the series are: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.

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