Little Secrets (2001) parents guide

Little Secrets (2001)

Overall A

Emily first meets Phillip (Michael Angarano) when the klutzy twelve-year-old tries to bury a broken chess piece. After helping him hide his indiscretion, the boy seeks her company to stave off the boredom of being the new kid on the block.

Violence A-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity A
Substance Use A-

Why is Little Secrets (2001) rated PG? The MPAA rated Little Secrets (2001) PG for thematic elements, scary situations and brief language

Run Time: 96 minutes

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Little Secrets (2001)
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia Not Rated
Alberta Not Rated
Manitoba Not Rated -----
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video G

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Cast and Crew

Little Secrets (2001) is directed by and stars Evan Rachel Wood, Michael Angarano.

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