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The Legend of Tarzan

The Ape Man comes home.

Overall B-

This grown-up portrayal of Edgar Rice Burroughs' character takes place after Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) has left the tropics for the urban jungle of London. But a call for help soon has the legend returning to save his homeland.

Release date July 1, 2016

Violence D+
Sexual Content B-
Profanity B-
Substance Use B

Why is The Legend of Tarzan rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Legend of Tarzan PG-13 for sequences of action and violence, some sensuality and brief rude dialogue.

Run Time: 110 minutes

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The Legend of Tarzan
Rating & Content Info

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Why is The Legend of Tarzan rated PG-13? The Legend of Tarzan is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for sequences of action and violence, some sensuality and brief rude dialogue.

Violence: Many scenes depict humans and animals in perilous situations. Conflicts involve various weapons including guns, spears, arrows, knives and hand-to-hand combat, however little blood or detail is seen. A group of soldiers indiscriminately shoot at indigenous people whom we later see lying dead on the ground. A character specializes in choking others—we see this occur on various occasions. A man is brutally beaten by a large ape. A man enters a moving rail car full of soldiers and begins killing, throwing and injuring them. A key character is shot off-screen, a secondary character’s ear is shot off on-screen—we see a very brief view of the injury. A woman is captured, threatened and detained in handcuffs; at one point her male captor vaguely implies he would like sexual favors from her. A huge herd of animals stampedes through a community, knocking down people and buildings—we see one a secondary character being trampled. A man is assumed to eaten by a crocodile (unseen on screen). In the opening moments of the film an ill mother dies, a father is beaten to death by apes, and an infant is captured by the animals and raised as their own—this sequence may be particularly frightening for young children. Indigenous African people are rounded up and put on vessels and trains for the purpose of being sold as slaves.

Sexual Content: A character suggests another character perform a sexual act on an animal. A man holding a woman hostage implies she should provide sexual favors (she doesn’t). A married couple are briefly seen having sex—we see non-explicit views of them embracing. A sexual remark is made regarding a Catholic priest. Some people are seen in clothing that reveals their buttocks and male chests.

Language: The script includes a single scatological slang along with infrequent mild profanities, a crude term for male anatomy and a Christian deity used as an expletive.

Alcohol / Drug Use: Alcohol use is depicted within a social situation.

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The Legend of Tarzan
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Violence, Coarse Language.
Alberta PG Violence, Not Recommended For Young Children.
Manitoba PG Not Recommended for Young Children, Violence.
Ontario PG Violence, Some Scary Scenes.
Quebec G Not Recommended for Young Children
Martimes PG
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "The Legend of Tarzan"

Cast and Crew

The Legend of Tarzan is directed by David Yates and stars Margot Robbie, Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson.

This movie is inspired by the Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels about Tarzan.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Legend of Tarzan movie is October 11, 2016. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: The Legend of Tarzan
Release Date: 11 October 2016
The Legend of Tarzan releases to home video (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack, DVD Special Edition or Blu-ray: 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray) with the following special features:
- Tarzan Reborn
- Battles and Bare Knuckle Brawls: Train Ambush
- Battles and Bare-Knuckle Brawls: Tarzan vs. Akut
- Battles and Bare Knuckle Brawls: Boma Stampede
- Tarzan and Jane’s Unfailing Love
- Creating the Virtual Jungle
- Gabon to the Big Screen
- Stop Ivory

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Disney created an animated version of Tarzan. Another youngster is raised in the wild in The Jungle Book (2016).

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