Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze parents guide

Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze

Overall B

In the continuing saga of Littlefoot and pals, the young dinos have finally set aside frolicking in the Great Valley and are attending school!

Violence B+
Sexual Content A
Profanity A
Substance Use A

Why is Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze rated G? The MPAA rated Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze G

Run Time: 75 minutes

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Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze
Rating & Content Info

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Why is Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze rated G? Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze is rated G by the MPAA

Making The Grades…

The MPAA rated Land Before Time: The Big Freeze (2001) G.

Overall: B
Littlefoot and friends are delighted with their first snowfall as well as a visit by a wandering herd of spiketails. When their food supply begins to dwindle and Spike (the orphan spiketail) is torn between two families, the stage is set for dino-mite adventure for the youngest members of your herd.

Violence: B+
Character falls into water. Character squished by sleeping sibling. Characters chased by T-Rex several times. Fruit falls on character’s head. Character crashes head-on into tree. Character trips, falls, and a large fruit lands on him. Character stubs toe. Snowball fights include characters being struck in face. Characters slide down slopes, crash into one another. Overhang of snow falls and buries character. Characters flee oncoming avalanche. Giant snowball rolls into character, knocking him down a hill where his head strikes a rock. Characters slide out of control on ice. Character struck with log, falls off cliff (only the thud is heard). Characters plunge through thin ice.

Sexual Content: A

Language: A
Mild name calling.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A

Some rude behavior: Two burps and one raspberry. Some violent/scary scenes contained within video previews (click here to see letter from a concerned site visitor).

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Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia Not Rated
Alberta Not Rated
Manitoba Not Rated -----
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video G

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News About "Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze"

Cast and Crew

Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze is directed by and stars John Ingle.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze movie is December 4, 2001. Here are some details…

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