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Kingdom Come

Overall C

"Mean and sourly" is how Raynelle Slocumb (Whoopie Goldberg) describes her not so dearly departed husband.

Release date April 11, 2001

Violence C
Sexual Content C
Profanity B-
Substance Use C+

Why is Kingdom Come rated PG? The MPAA rated Kingdom Come PG for thematic elements, language, and sensuality

Run Time: 94 minutes

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Kingdom Come
Rating & Content Info

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Why is Kingdom Come rated PG? Kingdom Come is rated PG by the MPAA for thematic elements, language, and sensuality

Overall: C
When Bud Slocomb passes away, it is not his death but the prospect of having to get together for the funeral that has his relatives grieving. The real question in this comedy about a dysfunctional family is “can the bickering bunch avoid killing each other long enough to bury the man?”

Violence: C
Wife verbally berates husband. Man drives recklessly while threatening to kill all occupants of vehicle. In presence of their children, husband pulls gun on wife and threatens to kill them both. Man threatens suicide in jest. Young children constantly squabble. Car weaves dangerously when passenger wrestles with driver. On two occasions, man offers to deliberately damage another person’s vehicle. Mother and son bicker, mother hits son with handbag. Two adults wrestle. Angry woman stabs table with knife. Various characters yell at one another throughout film. Vomiting and flatulent sounds heard. Drink thrown into man’s face. Woman hits man drinking alcohol in church.

Sexual Content: C
Sleeping man shown wearing only underwear. On several occasions, mother accuses son of spending time with harlots. Wife mentions she imposed abstinence on husband. On several occasions (including publicly), woman accuses husband of infidelity. Characters discuss miscarried pregnancy. Man makes vague confession to adultery. Man makes gesture to describe woman’s breasts. Two brief shots of married man getting into bed with wife. Woman undresses to her slip in front of man, then the unmarried couple roll around on bed. Character claims another character looks like two-dollar hooker. Woman hits intoxicated man when he puts his arm around her. Loose morals ascribed to various characters on several occasions. Man shown sitting on toilet. Woman flirts with man.

Language: B-
At least: 1 moderate and 18 mild profanities, 2 rude slang terms, name calling, and 9 terms of Deity used as expletives. Due to religious depictions in film, numerous terms of Deity used as proper nouns.

Alcohol / Drug Use: C+
One male character shown smoking throughout. Talk of drinking and alcoholism. Man behaves drunkenly, drinks from beer can on several occasions. Mother nags child about smoking and drinking habits. Two women take “nerve pills.” Man drinks alcohol from bottle then shares some with another man. Woman shown smoking. Recovering alcoholic struggles with desire to drink. Beer bottles shown.

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Kingdom Come
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Violence, Swearing
Alberta PG
Manitoba Not Rated -----
Ontario Not Rated
Quebec Not Rated
Martimes Not Rated
Canadian Home Video PG

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Cast and Crew

Kingdom Come is directed by and stars Whoopi Goldberg.

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