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In Good Company

Overall B

After a corporate take-over, 51-year-old executive Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) is demoted to wingman for an inexperienced 26-year-old (Topher Grace). But that proves easier to adjust to than discovering his young boss has taken a romantic interest in his daughter (Scarlett Johansson).

Release date January 13, 2005

Violence B
Sexual Content C+
Profanity C
Substance Use C+

Why is In Good Company rated PG-13? The MPAA rated In Good Company PG-13 for some sexual content and drug references.

Run Time: 109 minutes

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In Good Company
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG
Alberta PG Coarse Language
Manitoba PG Mature Theme
Ontario PG Mature Theme
Quebec G
Martimes PG
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "In Good Company"

Cast and Crew

In Good Company is directed by and stars Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, Scarlett Johansson.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of In Good Company movie is May 10, 2005. Here are some details…

If 51 years old is looking younger every day, then you’ll be In Good Company with this film about a middle-aged executive whose job is given to a fresh-faced kid. The DVD release includes two featurettes: Real Life - that looks at the career path of some successful businessmen, and New York Locations- which follows the director as he shoots various scenes at different sites. Deleted scenes and a commentary by Topher Grace and director Paul Weitz are other extras. The 5.1 Dolby Digital audio track is available in English, Spanish, and French, with subtitles in Spanish and French.

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