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The Haunting In Connecticut

Overall C-

When their son (Kyle Gallner) is diagnosed with cancer, Sarah and Peter Campbell (Virginia Madsen and Martin Donovan) relocate to a house closer to his treatment center. But if they thought the move would improve his health, they are sadly mistaken. Instead, the unsuspecting family discovers their new home has a dark past, which is about to haunt their future.

Release date March 27, 2009

Violence C-
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B-
Substance Use B-

Why is The Haunting In Connecticut rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Haunting In Connecticut PG-13 for some intense sequences of terror and disturbing images.

Run Time: 92 minutes

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The Haunting In Connecticut
Rating & Content Info

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Why is The Haunting In Connecticut rated PG-13? The Haunting In Connecticut is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some intense sequences of terror and disturbing images.

This haunted house film has all the usual elements of the horror genre, but also serves up some disturbing visual images and themes. There are frequent depictions of a man mutilating corpses and a living teen is shown with graffiti carved all over his skin. Several scenes depict bodies (including children) in various states of decay and some that have been severely burnt. During séances, people are shown with “ectoplasm” coming out of their mouths. A man drives home late at night in a drunken state, and then verbally threatens his family while removing and breaking all the lights in the house. A young man pours flammable liquid on a pile of bodies in a home and then sets the place on fire, presumably with the intent of killing himself. A young woman is seen in a shower (no nudity is shown) and is “attacked” with the shower curtain by an unseen force. Frequent “jump scenes” are included. Language includes four terms of Christian deity along with a single mild profanity and a single scatological expletive.

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The Haunting In Connecticut
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia 14A Violence.
Alberta 14A Frightening Scenes, Disturbing Content, Not Recommended For Children.
Manitoba 14A Not Recommended For Children, Disturbing Content.
Ontario 14A Gory Scenes, Disturbing Content.
Quebec 13+ Horror.
Martimes 14A
Canadian Home Video 14A

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News About "The Haunting In Connecticut"

Cast and Crew

The Haunting In Connecticut is directed by and stars Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, Elias Koteas, Kyle Gallner.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Haunting In Connecticut movie is July 14, 2009. Here are some details…

Release Date: 14 July 2009

The Haunting In Connecticut is ready to spook on both DVD and Blu-ray disc. The DVD version is presented in widescreen, with audio tracks in Dolby Digital 5.1 (English) and subtitles

The Haunting In Connecticut on Blu-ray comes in widescreen, with English audio tracks in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 7.1 HD. Subtitles are available in English, French and Spanish. Bonus Materials include:

- Featurettes (Two Dead Boys: The Making of The Haunting in Connecticut and Memento Mori: The History of Postmortem Photography).

- Documentary (The Fear Is Real: Reinvestigating the Haunting).

- Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by director Peter Cornwell).

- Trailers

- Digital Copy of the movie.

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