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Dumb and Dumber To

They may have gotten older, but they haven't gotten smarter.

Overall D

Twenty years may have gone by since the first movie starring Harry and Lloyd (Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey), but that's still not long enough for this pair to have out grown their crude behavior and crass humor.

Release date November 14, 2014

Violence C+
Sexual Content C
Profanity D
Substance Use C-

Why is Dumb and Dumber To rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Dumb and Dumber To PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, partial nudity, language and some drug references.

Run Time: 110 minutes

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Dumb and Dumber To
Rating & Content Info

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Why is Dumb and Dumber To rated PG-13? Dumb and Dumber To is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for crude and sexual humor, partial nudity, language and some drug references.

Violence: A man is hit and killed by a train. A character fires his gun in an attempt to kill another person. A woman poisons another character. A girl is hit in the head and a woman is slapped on the buttocks. A character mimics hanging himself and slitting his throat. A man is on fire and burned after characters ignite fireworks in his room. A man sets off an explosion inside of a car. A woman has a knife held to her throat. Characters steal a car. Men hold guns on characters. A bird is shot and killed.

Sexual Content: A woman talks about the illegitimate child she gave up for adoption. A woman licks a man’s feet. Several characters talk about sexual encounters. Characters engage in sexual acts off screen. A character engages in sexual acts with an inanimate object. Partial buttock nudity is repeatedly seen. Partially clothed images of women are seen on the side of vehicles. A teen engages in a sexual act with an animal. A couple comes out of a closet after engaging in sex. A woman’s breasts are partially exposed through her clothing.

Language: The script contains a strong sexual expletive, scatological slang and profanities along with frequent rude sexual dialogue and crude terms for sexual acts and anatomy. Some name-calling is included.

Alcohol / Drug Use: A character makes illegal drugs in his apartment. Other comments about illegal drug use are made. Characters drink at social functions. Two characters drink embalming fluid. A woman poisons a character’s food. A woman smokes.

Other: The movie contains excess crude jokes about defecation, body fluids, bodily functions, sexual activity and illegal drug use. Characters joke about a boy who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

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Dumb and Dumber To
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Coarse and Sexual Language, Violence, Sexual Content.
Alberta PG Crude Content, Coarse Language, Not Recommended for Young Children.
Manitoba PG Not Recommended For Young Children, Crude Content, Language May Offend.
Ontario PG Sexual Content, Language May Offend, Crude Content.
Quebec G Not Recommended For Young Children
Martimes PG
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "Dumb and Dumber To"

Cast and Crew

Dumb and Dumber To is directed by Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly and stars Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Angela Kerecz, Kathleen Turner.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Dumb and Dumber To movie is February 17, 2015. Here are some details…

Home Video Notes: Dumb And Dumber To
Release Date: 17 February 2015
Dumb And Dumber To releases to home video (Blu-ray/DVD/Ultraviolet) with the following supplements:
- That's Awesome! – The Story Of Dumb And Dumber To
Exclusive HD Content
- Alternate Opening and Deleted/Extended Scenes
- Gag Reel
- What's so Smart about Dumb and Dumber To? From stress relief to providing a new perspective on life, the film's cast and crew and the author of Psychology for Dummies make the case for why you sometimes need to step back from the seriousness of life and just get dumb.

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This movie is the sequel to Dumb and Dumber. Despite their portrayals in this script, Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey have starred in some films we can recommend. Look for Daniels in Because of Winn-Dixie and Fly Away Home. Carrey appears in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Truman Show.

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