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The Cold Light of Day

Overall D+

A simple family vacation in Spain turns into a nightmare for Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) after his family is kidnapped. Nor is there anyone he can trust to help him once Will discovers his dad (Bruce Willis) is really a CIA operative.

Release date September 7, 2012

Violence D
Sexual Content A-
Profanity D+
Substance Use B-

Why is The Cold Light of Day rated PG-13? The MPAA rated The Cold Light of Day PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and language.

Run Time: 93 minutes

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The Cold Light of Day
Rating & Content Info

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Why is The Cold Light of Day rated PG-13? The Cold Light of Day is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for intense sequences of violence and action, and language.

Violence: With the exception of the opening few minutes, scenes of violence permeate the runtime of this movie. Many characters are shot, often for no particular reason. Others are beaten, thrown and tortured. Much of this carnage, including a scene where a person attempts to control the bleeding of a gunshot wound with a hot utensil, includes blood effects. Car chases down narrow city streets result in damage to property and other vehicles while bystanders are forced to run for cover. Crashes result in more bloody injuries. Police are dishonest. A man beats a policeman with a car door. Characters fall from heights, and one is shown as he slams to the ground.

Sexual Content: A woman is seen in a bikini. A woman’s underwear is briefly seen when she falls from a motorcycle.

Language: Scatological slang and other profanities are heard, along with one sexual expletive.

Drugs/Alcohol: Characters drink wine over dinner. One character consumes alcohol as he speaks of a stressful event.

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The Cold Light of Day
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Violence. Coarse Language.
Alberta 14A Violence.
Manitoba 14A Not Recommeded for Children, Violence.
Ontario PG Violence, Language May Offend, Tobacco Use.
Quebec 13+ Violence.
Martimes Not Rated
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News About "The Cold Light of Day"

Cast and Crew

The Cold Light of Day is directed by Mabrouk El Mechri and stars Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, Joseph Mawle.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of The Cold Light of Day movie is January 28, 2013. Here are some details…

Cold light of Day releases to home video on January 29, 2013.

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