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Bratz The Movie

Overall B-

From plastic toys to animated show to live action movie, these dolls with 'tude are taking the 'tween market by force. In this silver screen version, The Bratz find their friendship in jeopardy when they get involved in separate cliques at the same high school.

Release date August 2, 2007

Violence B
Sexual Content A-
Profanity B+
Substance Use A

Why is Bratz The Movie rated PG? The MPAA rated Bratz The Movie PG for thematic material

Run Time: 110 minutes

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Bratz The Movie
Rating & Content Info

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Why is Bratz The Movie rated PG? Bratz The Movie is rated PG by the MPAA for thematic material

Heading off to high school, this foursome’s biggest concern is what to wear. Afraid that her parents won’t approve of her fashion sense, Jade dresses one way to leave home and then changes her clothes at school. On campus the girls meet the treacherous Meredith, a tiara-wearing cheerleader and other highly exaggerated characters. An accidental slip starts a food fight in the schoolyard and a mean remark sparks a fight in a classroom. There are some mild sports injuries and an unplanned dip in the pool at a party. The script includes infrequent profanities, some name-calling and brief depictions of sibling rivalry.

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Bratz The Movie
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia G
Alberta G
Manitoba G -----
Ontario G
Quebec G
Martimes G
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "Bratz The Movie"

Cast and Crew

Bratz The Movie is directed by and stars Nathalia Ramos, Janel Parrish, Logan Browning, Skyler Shaye.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Bratz The Movie movie is November 26, 2007. Here are some details…

DVD Release Date: 27 November 2007

The DVD release of Bratz: The Movie offers to spoil fans with deleted scenes, twelve featurettes, two music videos, and an audio commentary by director Sean McNamara. Presented in widescreen, the film provides audio tracks in English (Dolby Digital 5.1) and subtitles in Spanish.

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