Before I Fall

What would you do if you could live the same day over and over again?

Overall B-

Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) has a charmed life -- apparently even in death. Through some strange stroke of fate, instead of dying on February 12, she finds herself reliving the fateful day. Perhaps the strange occurrence will provide her with an opportunity to learn a few things about what is truly important in life before she falls out of mortality forever.

Release date March 3, 2017

Violence C+
Sexual Content C
Profanity C-
Substance Use C-

Why is Before I Fall rated PG-13? The MPAA rated Before I Fall PG-13 for mature thematic content involving drinking, sexuality, bullying, some violent images, and language-all involving teens.

Run Time: 99 minutes

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Before I Fall
Rating & Content Info

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Why is Before I Fall rated PG-13? Before I Fall is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for mature thematic content involving drinking, sexuality, bullying, some violent images, and language-all involving teens.

Violence: Characters engage in mean-spirited teasing, abusive name-calling and bullying, including humiliating others in front of their peers. Family members are treated unkindly and with disrespect. Teens drive carelessly, and are distracted by cell phones, music and conversations.A car accident and a vehicle roll over is depicted multiple times. A suicide is shown (with no blood or detail), as well as discussed.

Sexual Content: Teen characters frequently engage in sexual banter and talk about having sex. Girls encourage one of their friends to lose her virginity and give her a condom as a present. Teen couples are shown kissing and fondling. Teen girls cuddle affectionately with each other. A teen couple passionately kiss and undress each other: sexual relations are strongly implied. A girl pulls up her shirt and exposes her bra. Girls are seen in their underwear while changing their clothes. A character mentions she is gay. A teen wears a skanky dress and makes sexual remarks to her young male teacher.

Profanity: A sexual expletive is used once. Scatological terms, mild and moderate profanity, and names of deity are frequent. Sexual slang and crude language are heard. Characters verbally abuse others with cruel name-calling and sexual slurs.

Alcohol / Drug Use: There are frequent depictions of teenagers consuming alcohol at a party—many drink to the point of excess.

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Before I Fall
Canadian Movie Rating Info
Province Rating Rating Descriptor
British Columbia PG Coarse Language, Violence, Sexual Content.
Alberta PG Coarse Language, Not Recommended For Young Children.
Manitoba PG Not Recommended for Young Children, Coarse Language.
Ontario PG Not Recommended For Young Children, Coarse Language
Quebec G Not Recommended For Young Children.
Martimes PG
Canadian Home Video PG

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News About "Before I Fall"

Cast and Crew

Before I Fall is directed by Ry Russo-Young and stars Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Jennifer Beals .

This movie is based on a novel by Lauren Oliver

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