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Bad Words

Foul language flies at a spelling bee.

In Bad Words, Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman) proves to be a bad sport when the 40-year-old exploits a loophole in a contest's rules so he can compete in a children's spelling bee.

Why is Bad Words rated R? The MPAA rated Bad Words R for crude and sexual content, language and brief nudity.

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We do not have a full review for Bad Words because it is rated R in the US and we usually only review G, PG, and PG-13 movies. However we do have some information about the content you can expect to see in this movie in the Content Details section.

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Cast and Crew

Bad Words is directed by Jason Bateman and stars Allison Janney, Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Ben Falcone.

Home Video

The most recent home video release of Bad Words movie is July 8, 2014. Here are some details…

Bad Words is coming to home video on July 8, 2014.

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